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Welcome to Wrestle Purists’ coverage of NXT 2.0 on April 5th 2022.

Bron Breakker In-Ring Promo:

Bron talks about having the honor of inducting his Father & Uncle, The Steiner Brothers into the WWE hall of fame & how he lost on Saturday to Ziggler, but he watched Wrestlemania and knew 2 things. 1, he would main event Wrestlemania one day & 2, he wasn’t leaving Texas without the NXT Championship. He then puts over how he beat Dolph Ziggler last night for the NXT Championship.

Imperium then comes out and Gunther challenges Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship. He says Bron can’t call himself the best until he steps in the ring with him. Bron says he will take him on Tonight. The Creed Bros then also come out and brawl with Imperium.

The Creed Brothers defeated Imperium

Fabian Aichner walked out on Marcel Barthel leading to the finish.

Julius Creed pinned Barthel. After the match, The Creed Bros were attacked by the mystery men who have been harassing them in recent weeks. The two men were revealed as Pretty Deadly from NXT UK.

Backstage With Toxic Attraction:

Mandy Rose, Jacy Jane & Gigi Dolin cut a promo on Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez and how Jacy & Gigi are going to win the tag titles back tonight.

Cameron Grimes In-Ring Promo:

Grimes talks about making good on his promise to his late Father (to become a champion). He says says he wont get complacent now he’s champ.

Solo Sikoa then makes his entrance and congratulates Grimes on his title win. Sikoa then challenges Grimes for the North American Championship. Grimes says he respects Sikoa and accepts his challenge. The two men then shake hands.

Joe Gacy Promo:

Gacy talks about family and having someone to trust and how its important to success and if you don’t have family it leads to self destruction

Locker Room with Draco Anthony & Xyon Quinn

Xyon Quinn tells him not to listen to Joe Gacy, Draco Anthony then tells Quinn not to tell him what to do and he doesnt need him to have his back. Quinn then tells him that he will teach him some respect.

Backstage With Tiffany Stratton

Stratton complains about losing last week due to Sarray distracting her and then cuts a promo on her

Dexter Lumis vs Duke Hudson Ends In Double Countout:

Backstage With Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez:

Kai & Gonzalez cut a promo on Toxic Attraction and put over how they’re the new NXT womens tag champs

Backstage With Gunther & Marcel Barther:

Barthel is complaining about Aichner walking out on him earlier. Gunther says they need to get their heads together and have no more distractions before his match later Tonight

Toxic Attraction defeated Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez (c) (NXT Womens Tag Team Championship):

Mandy Rose attacked Wendy Choo who was watching ringside distracting Kai & Gonzalez. Mandy Rose also distracted the referee towards the finish. Jacy Jane pinned Raquel Gonzalez.

Joe Gacy Promo:

Joe Gacy talks about controlling chaos and what happens if you cant control it, the chaos controls you.

Tony D’Angelo Celebration:

AJ Galante introduces himself and then introduces Tony D’Angelo who makes his entrance

D’Angelo brags about defeated Ciampa and says Tonight it gets even better. Tony D’Angelo is then “made” and given a ring. Galante then announces him as the Don of NXT

Backstage With MSK:

MSK are happy about winning back their NXT Tag Titles. Waller & Sangha then interrupt, Waller has his arm in a sling. Waller brags about going viral. Sangha says MSK wont be champions for long. Waller rejects but plants seeds for later.

Backstage With Dakota Kai:

Dakota Kai is trashing the area, then gets in front of the camera and says Mandy Rose isn’t safe.

Car Park With Tony D’Angelo, AJ Galante & Legado Del Fantasma:

Santos Escobar congratulates D’Angelo on becoming the Don of NXT, but warns D’Angelo tk stay out of Legado Del Fantasma’s business.

Nikkita Lyons Defeated Lash Legend:

Kushida Promo:

Kushida cuts a promo on Von Wagner

Bron Breakker (c) defeated Gunther (NXT Championship):

After the match, Rick Steiner appeared on the Titantron, but he was tied up, and in a cage, kidnapped by Joe Gacy & Harland.

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