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Carmelo Hayes In Ring Promo

The show kicks off with Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams coming down to the ring. Hayes calls last week a miss. He says they were seconds away from beating the Judgement Day. But Ilja Dragunov got in the way. This prompts Ilja to come down to the ring. He says he didn’t mean to put his nose in his business. He wanted to make sure that Damien Priest couldn’t cash in on him. He says he wants to face Carmelo for the title and not Damien. Ilja says that he always gives everything and that when he steps into the ring it means something. He says at the Great American Bash he will make Carmelo feel defeat. Carmelo says that nobody is more qualified to face him at the Great American Bash than Ilja. He says that Ilja will feel him and that he will “hit different.” Ilja says Melo has to hit harder than he has ever hit before to beat him.  Carmelo says on July 30th, he’s going to put that fire out.

Wes Lee & Mustafa Ali Locker Room Segment

Mustafa Ali and Wes Lee are in the locker room discussing tonight’s NXT North American Title match. Ali is concerned that Lee won’t be able to beat Dom and that he will have to face Dom at the Bash instead of facing Lee. Lee says that he will retain tonight, despite Ali’s reservations.

Tony D’Angelo Gets Out of Prison

In footage from earlier today, we see Channing Stacks Lorenzo waiting outside of the prison as Tony D’Angelo is finally set free.

Nathan Frazer & Dragon Lee Defeats Los Latharios (Angel Garza & Humberto Carrilo)

This was an excellent match. The crowd was hot and all four men gave a high quality effort. Dragon Lee gets the pinfall over Angel Garza.

After the match, Humberto shoves Angel over and runs off into the crowd.

Baron Corbin Vignette

Picking up from last week’s video, Corbin is back in a dark area illuminated by torches. He walks up to a hooded figure who is revealed to be Corbin. He stands face to face with himself.

NXT Anonymous Segment

We see backstage footage of Booker T giving Roxanne Perez advice for facing Blair Davenport, whom he calls cold and calculated. Afterwards, Booker is hot that someone was filming them backstage and without his knowledge.

Kiana James Defeats Gigi Dolin

Kiana James Defeats Gigi Dolin by pinfall.

Axiom & Scrypts with Lucien Price & Bronco Nima Backstage Segment

Backstage we see Axiom & Scrypts arguing with Lucienne Price & Bronco Nima which leads to Scrypts throwing out a challenge. Nima and Price accept.

After we return from commercial, we see a distraught Ivy Nile in the locker room taking down a Diamond Mine banner.

Eddy Thorpe Interview

Backstage, Eddy Thorpe is being interviewed about his NXT Underground match but is quickly interrupted by the Meta Four. Oro Mensah offers a signed picture of Noam Dar but Thorpe tears it up. Oro tells Thrope to keep his ego in check. This leads to the two of them having to be separated by officials.

Lucien Price & Bronco Nima Defeat Axiom & Scrypts

Early in the match, Scrypts turns on Axiom. Price and Nima double team Axiom as Scrypts looks on and quickly win the match by pinfall.

After the match, Scrypts leaves with Nima and Price.

Tony D’Angelo Welcome Home Celebration

Channing Stacks Lorenzo begins by cutting a promo on the Coffey Brothers. He then introduces Tony D’Angelo to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Tony and Stacks hug.

Tony starts off by thanking Stacks. He praises him for his performance these past few weeks. We then see video of Stacks laying out the plan for the double cross. We see the highlights of the plan coming together.

This prompts Gallus to come out and interrupt. Joe Coffey calls them scum and says that Tony is going to wish he was back in prison. Tony says that the D’Angelo family is coming to take the NXT Tag Team Championships at the Great American Bash.

Gallus comes into the ring but Stacks and Tony quickly get the upper hand and leave all three members laying.

The Schism Backstage with TrickMelo

Backstage, Carmelo and Trick are approached by The Schism. As the two argue, Ilja Dragunov comes into frame. Carmelo is not happy with Ilja interrupting but Ilja is there to confront Gacy who he calls insufferable. Eventually Gacy gets pushed into Carmelo and the two groups begin brawling before getting separated by officials.

Thea Hail Defeats Alexa Lopez

Thea Hail locks in the kimura and wins this match by submission.

After the match, Hail is joined in the ring by Duke Hudson. Hail says that she deserves a rematch for the NXT Women’s Championship. Duke gets the crowd to cheer rematch and Hail calls out Tiffany Stratton who comes out to the ring. Stratton says she accepts Thea’s challenge for a rematch. Stratton says that she already beat her once. Hail wants a submission match but Stratton says absolutely not. Hail suddenly locks the kimura on Stratton until she taps and agrees to the stipulation.

Dominik Mysterio & Rhea Ripley Backstage Segment

Dirty Dom and Rhea are backstage when The D’Angelo family walk by. Tony offers Dom good luck in his match.  Rhea then calls over Lyra Valkyrie and tells her that she needs to prove to Rhea that she is indeed a badass. Lyra says that in her match against Jacy Jayne, she will.

We then hear from Gable Steveson who says he will decide his future next week.

Oro Mensah Defeats Eddy Thorpe

The referee is distracted as a despondent and motionless Noam Dar is rolled into the ring by Lash Legend. Mensah and Thorpe are battling on the outside of the ring when Dijak comes from out of the crowd and attacks Thorpe. This leads to a pinfall victory for Oro Mensah.

Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan Vignette

Jordan is upset about losing to Cora Jade. Dana tells her not to worry about it and the two begin gymnastics training together.

We then see Cora Jade reacting to Jordan and Brooke. Disgusted by what she has seen, Jade smashes the wall with a baseball bat.

Roxanne Perez & Blair Davenport Sit-down Interview

Perez and Davenport are shown side by side getting interviewed together about their match at The Great American Bash. The two go back and forth until Perez becomes agitated and walks out of the interview. Davenport is not impressed.

NXT North American Championship Match: Dominik Mysterio Defeats Wes Lee (c)

Wow! I did not see this coming! It looked like Wes Lee had this match won when Finn Balor distracted the referee. Damien Priest came into the ring but Lee took care of him quickly. However, Rhea Ripley was able to hit Lee over the head with her Womens Championship belt. Dirty Dom crawls over, gets the pinfall victory and is the new NXT North American Champion!

Final Thoughts

Another strong episode tonight.  I feel like the show has a really good flow and energy right now. The build to the Great American Bash has been solid. I think we could potentially see NXT’s best overall PLE in 2023 to date. Still can’t believe Dirty Dom is the North American Champ.

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