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Welcome to WrestlePurists coverage of the June 13th Episode of WWE NXT

Mustafa Ali, Tyler Bates & Wes Lee Defeat The Schism

This was a fun, fast paced match to start the show. At one point as Gacy has Bates pinned , a second referee came down and stopped a three count due to Gacy not being the legal man. After a couple of quick tags, Tyler Bates scores the pinfall victory over Joe Gacy to win.

Thea Hail, Drew Gulak, Charlie Dempsey and Duke Hudson Locker Room Segment

Thea Hail, Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey are watching video of her match and the two are critiquing her technique. After a brief argument about her match with Cora Jade, Duke Hudson walks into the room to tell them to keep it down. After they leave to train, Duke makes a call to Mr. Chase to let him know that things are getting “out of hand.”

Bron Breakker In Ring Promo

Bron talks about how he took out Ilja Dragunov last week and called out Seth Rollins. Dragunov comes out but is held back by security. He continues to talk about holding everyone accountable. He is interrupted by Seth Rollins on the video screen. Seth tells him he likes his approach and that he would love to go back to NXT where it all began. He accepts the challenge! Next week it’s Seth Rollins vs Bron Breakker for the World Heavyweight Title on NXT!!

Dana Brooke Backstage Interview

Dana says she will be back in NXT as long as they will have her. She talks about some of her accomplishments on the main roster until she is interrupted by Cora Jade. Cora says she should be the number one contender for the NXT women’s title. She tells Dana that she will show her how good she is tonight, and then slaps her in the face! Cora then walks away as Dana seethes.

Mustafa Ali, Wes Lee & Tyler Bate Locker Room Segment

The three stars are in the locker room, discussing their victory over The Schism. They talk about how much Ali enjoys being back in NXT and what is next for the three of them. He says that Tyler and Wes should face each other and that he should be the special referee for the match. The two of them agree to the match before all three leave the room together.

Thea Hail Defeats Cora Jade:

Dana Brooke gets her payback by pushing Cora into the ring steps as the referee is distracted. Thea then makes Cora tap with the kimura lock. This was a quick match where both girls put in some solid work.

NXT Heritage Cup Championship Match – Nathan Frazer Defeats Oro Mensah

We come back from commercial to The Meta-Four in the ring with Nathan Frazer and Dragon Lee. Noam Dar says he is injured and tells Frazer that Oro Mensah is going to defend the cup on his behalf.

This was a fantastic match. We got into round 4 tied with each man having a pinfall over their opponent. After a brief tussle outside of the ring involving Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson, Frazer is able to secure the pinfall over Mensah and win the NXT Heritage Cup Championship!

Women’s Locker Room Segment

After a video package covering last week’s women’s battle royal, we see the women’s locker room area. After some jawing between talent, Elektra Lopez and Lola run into each other and agree that they should stick together.

Von Wagner and Mr. Stone Backstage Segment

Von and Mr. Stone talk about Von’s therapy.  Von says it’s going well.  Stone asks about the “baby picture.” Von says his therapist told him to show the picture to someone he trusts. Mr. Stone wants to know who Von trusts. Von says that he trusts Mr. Stone, and that it’s always been him.

Axiom and Scrypts Defeat Dabba-Kato

This handicap match was over in a flash. Axiom scores the pinfall over Kato. After the match, Axiom and Scrypts are jumped by Los Lotharios; Angel Garza and Humberto Carrilo. Garza and Carrilo raise their arms over a laid out Scrypts and Axiom.

Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo Video Package

Stacks talks about getting even with whoever the rat is and that he needs to start making big moves if he wants to get Tony out of jail.

Thea Hail and Duke Hudson Locker Room Segment

Thea and Duke are talking about Thea becoming the youngest NXT women’s champion ever. They are interrupted by Tiffany Stratton who tells them that Thea has no chance. Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey then come into the scene to let Thea know that she still has a lot of work to do if she wants to win the title.

Malik Blade Defeats Edris Enofe

This match between tag team partners was pretty solid. After some good back and forth, Malik scores the victory with a roll up over Edris.

Damon Kemp and Eddy Thorpe w/ Referee Segment

Damon Kemp is having a conversation with a referee and showing him the video evidence of his foot touching the rope in last week’s loss against Eddy Thorpe. Thorpe and another referee enter the scene. Kemp tells Thorpe that he got lucky last week. The two have to be separated by the officials.

Roxanne Perez Defeats Tatum Paxley

This match was lighting fast and ended with Roxanne scoring the victory over Paxley with a roll up.

After the match, Roxanne calls out Blair Davenport. She says is going to hurt her the way that Blair hurt the other women in the locker room.

Gigi Dolin & Fallon Henley Backstage Segment

Gigi and Fallon are talking about Kiana James. Gigi is upset that she was the one that eliminated her from the battle royal. They both agree that James is stuck up. Fallon tells Gigi that Kiana is a snake and that she should watch her back.

NXT Championship #1 Contendors Match – Baron Corbin Defeats Ilja Dragunov

This match was an absolute banger! Dragunov continues to prove that he is one of the best talents in NXT. After a series of near falls, Bron Breakker comes in to distract Dragunov. This allows Corbin to hit the end of days and score the pinfall victory.

After the match Carmelo Hayes attacks Corbin as Ilja and Bron brawl on the outside.

Final Thoughts

This was an awesome show tonight. We had some great matches, but it’s what happened outside of the ring that will have people talking. I still can’t believe we get Seth Rollins vs Bron Breakker next week for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

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