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Welcome to WrestlePurists coverage of the June 20th Episode of WWE NXT GOLD RUSH

Wes Lee (c) Defeats Tyler Bate (North American Championship, Mustafa Ali Special Guest Referee):

Mustafa Ali with some interesting officiating in this one. A highly entertaining, fast paced match. This was a great way to start the show.

After the match ends, Bates and Lee are both looking at Ali and don’t look happy.

Gigi Dolin Video Package:

We get a quick Gigi Dolin vignette. She talks about her upbringing and how she has always been rejected. We then go backstage for a quick interview with Kiana James and McKenzie Mitchell. Kiana talks about how she used to be reckless like Gigi Dolin but then she grew up. She also says that she has ambition and Gigi has none.

Kiana James Backstage Interview:

Kiana James is asked about Gigi Dolin following her video package, but she is just dismissive, takes shots and puts herself over.

Chase U Pep Rally:

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Duke Hudson starts things off in the ring by introducing Thea Hail. She comes out surrounded by cheerleaders and the crowd cheers her name as she enters the ring. Thea talks about next week’s match and how it’s the biggest match of her career. She talks about how she just graduated high school last year and that she has always wanted to be a WWE superstar. Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak are not happy hearing this fact about Thea and are visibly unimpressed throughout the rally.

Tiffany Stratton comes out to interrupt. She calls the pep rally tacky and calls Thea lucky for winning the battle royal.  Stratton says Thea has a zero percent chance to win next week. Duke tells her that he is picking Thea to win the match.  Stratton enters the ring. Duke continues to hype up the crowd in Thea’s favor. Stratton gets up close and Thea drops her down and puts her into a kimura lock until she taps.

The Schism Backstage:

The Schism are arguing backstage about last week’s loss. Joe Gacy is blaming himself. Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler are in disagreement. Ava Raine settles them down and reminds them of their motto: “Four roots, one tree.”

Diamond Mine Locker Room Segment:

Ivy Nile, Brutus Creed, and Julius Creed are in the locker room talking about The Schism. Julius calls them a cancer to NXT and that they should be the ones to send them packing. Brutus and Ivy agree but end the segment by mocking Julius’ears.

NXT Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match – Edris Enofe & Malik Blade Defeat Josh Briggs & Brooke Jensen & Hank Walker & Tank Ledger:

This match was all over the place and was a fun watch! I am definitely excited to see the title match next week! Edris Enofe & Malik Blade are extremely entertaining.

Gallus Locker Room Segment:

Gallus is backstage just having watched the results of the number one contenders match. Los Latharios enters the room and Angel Garza tells them that they were lucky that Los Latharios wasn’t in the match because they would be coming to take the titles. Gallus walks out.

Eddy Thorpe and Damon Kemp Backstage:

Eddy is doing some DJ’ing as Damon walks in and tells him the stipulation for their rematch.  A “raw underground” style match where there are no ropes and you can only win by TKO, KO or submission. Eddy accepts the stipulation.

Suddenly right off camera we see Roxanne Perez jumping Blair Underwood! The officials have to hold her back. A beat up Blair says “game on.”

Seth Rollins Locker Room Segment:

Seth is hanging in the locker room when Nathan Frazer comes in. They talk about Finn Balor and how he’s felt since getting jumped. Seth tells Nathan that he is proud of him. Nathan leaves as Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams enter. They came in to show respect to the champion. Seth and Carmelo both say they are ready for their upcoming title defenses. Carmelo welcomes Seth back to NXT.

Cora Jade Defeats Dana Brooke:

After getting caught up in the ropes, Dana goes down with a leg injury. Several medical personnel come down to help her out of the ring. Cora mocks Dana as she gets put on the stretcher. Cora attempts to attack her while she is down but Dana slaps her and the two wind up back in the ring to finish the match. Cora wins by submission/referee stoppage.

Von Wagner & Mr. Stone Therapy Segment

Von shows Mr. Stone the picture from his childhood that his therapist told him he needed to talk about with someone. He talks about a medical problem he was born with and that he underwent brain surgery as an infant. He speaks about how great his parents were for him. He then talks about how kids made fun of his scars and how bad that made him feel. This was an emotional segment and one that I think will have people talking.

Men’s Locker Room Segment:

Several of the talent are hanging in the locker room. Eddy Thorpe is looking for advice to get ready for his match with Damon Kemp. Gable Stevenson enters the room. He tells Eddy that nobody knows Damon better than he does and offers to help train him.

Baron Corbin & Carmelo Hayes Live Promo:

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Baron tells Carmelo that he is nothing he hasn’t seen before. He says he doesn’t care what Carmelo or the fans think about him. Carmelo calls NXT his house and that main roster coming back to fight him is nothing new. He says he sent them all packing.  Carmelo takes a job at Baron’s “Happy Corbin” gimmick. Baron says that segment bought him a house and that he has been in the WWE making moments for a decade. Carmelo mocks Corbin for getting cut from the Arizona Cardinals. Carmelo says he is making new expectations for himself and that he doesn’t care what Corbin thinks about it. He says he had to buy a new roof for NXT because he blew it off so many times. Corbin says that Carmelo is a nobody and is insignificant.

This was a fantastic promo battle. Both of these guys were at the top of their game tonight.

Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz Backstage:

Yulisa and Vanlentina are backstage talking when Dragon Lee and Nathan Frazer both come in to wish them luck in their upcoming match. Nathan thanks them and than offers Dragon Lee first shot at his newly won NXT Heritage Cup.

Parking Lot Segment:

Joe Coffee gets a phone call as he is in the parking lot when suddenly Channing Lorenzo  drives up. “Stacks” attacks Joe, throws him into the trunk and drives off!

Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend Defeat Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz:

Jackson & Legend win this tag team match by pinfall. A fine match with two young and promising female tag teams.

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Seth Rollins (c) Defeats Bron Breakker (World Heavyweight Championship):

This main event was fantastic. As always, Seth showing why he is considered one of the best in the world. I was extremely impressed by Bron in this match, as he looked great throughout. Rollins had his injured ribs taped and Bron worked plenty of heat on them. This match had it all and both of these guys worked their butts off. Seth got the pin after hitting two curb stomps.

After the match, Finn Balor attacks Seth again before getting run off by Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

Final Thoughts

I love seeing NXT treated more like a viable third brand for the WWE. These crossovers with main roster talent are a win for everyone involved. The crowd was absolutely amped all night and the talent delivered. This was a great show.

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