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Welcome to WrestlePurists’ coverage of the June 27th Episode of WWE NXT GOLD RUSH

NXT Women’s Championship Match – Tiffany Stratton (c) Defeats Thea Hail

Stratton wins with a roll up. This came after Drew Gulak distracted the referee while Thea had Stratton tapping to a kimura. After the match Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey attack Duke Hudson but Andre Chase returns to make the save. This was a shorter match but very solid work.

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NXT Tag Team Championship Match – Gallus (c) Defeats Malik Blade & Edris Enofe

Gallus retains after Channing Lorenzo inadvertently knocks Enofe into the steel stairs while targeting Mark Coffey. Wolfgang gets the pinfall. Both of these tag teams have a lot of talent between them.

MetaFour Interview

Noam Dar is asked about losing the Heritage Cup last week. He can’t comprehend the loss. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson change the subject to their win last week and how they might be beating Shayna Bayzler and Rhonda Rousey soon. Oro Mensah tries to cheer up Noam and focus on the future but it isn’t working.

Schism In Ring Segment

Schism sits inside the ring together for a discussion. Jagger Reid begins to talk at Joe Gacy but Gacy tells him his best friend never let him have a voice and that he saved them both and gave them a new home. Rip Fowler talks about cracks in the group. He questions Gacy and the things he preaches. Gacy speaks about being fully committed. He tells them that they have gotten stronger this past year. Diamond Mine interrupts and tells them they are sick of Schism and their constant whining. Julius Creed calls Schism a cancer to NXT and that they will not let them spread. Joe Gacy issues a challenge for a loser leave NXT match between the Dyad and Diamond Mine next week. Diamond Mine accepts!

Lucienne Price and Broncon Nima Vignette

An introduction to an incoming tag team. Two former college football players, Lucienne Price & Bronco Nima

Backstage Segment with Hank Walker, Tank Ledger, Scrypts and Axiom

Hank Walker, Tank Ledger, Scrypts and Axiom are discussing the vignette we just watched and seem excited for a new tag team to add to the division. Nathan Frazer comes into the room with the Heritage Cup. Axiom congratulates him on winning the cup last week. After Frazer leaves, Axiom says that he is “drawn” to the Heritage Cup.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes Promo

Trick Williams is pumping up Carmelo Hayes backstage when Rhea Ripley walks in. She threatens Carmelo for getting involved with last week’s attack on Seth Rollins. She called the decision a dumb one. She tells him to stay out of The Judgement Day’s business or he will become their business.

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NXT Heritage Cup Championship – Nathan Frazer (c) Defeats Dragon Lee

This match was an absolute blast. Nathan Frazer wins 2-1 after scoring a second point with only 1 second left on the clock in the fifth round. These two have fantastic chemistry in the ring.

Eddy Thorpe Trains with Gable Stevenson

Eddy and Gable are training together for the NXT Underground match next week against  Damon Kemp. Stevenson is offering advice and tells Eddy to not let Damon get into his head. Eddy asks Gable to be in his corner for his match which he agrees to.

Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali and Tyler Bates Locker Room Segment

Ali apologizes for his behavior and officiating in last week’s championship match. Tyler and Wes were not impressed and are still upset.  Bates wants a rematch but Ali says it is his turn for a title shot. Bates says that he will be the special referee but Ali is not sold on the idea.

Mr. Stone and Von Wagner Backstage Segment

Mr. Stone is looking backstage for Von Wagner. He eventually finds him but Von is very upset. He tells Stone he can’t talk about his family trauma right now and leaves. Stone is visibly upset.

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Gigi Dolin Defats Kiana James

Gigi wins the match with a crucifix bomb but Kiana jumps her after the bell. She proceeds to cover her in paint and leaves her laying in the middle of the ring.

Joe Coffey Visits Tony D in Prison

Tony tells Coffey that he knows it was him that ratted him out but Coffey denies this claim. Coffey tells Tony that Stacks is the one that sold him out. Tony doesn’t believe him but Coffey then plays him audio of Stacks saying to to lay low because he is done being the underboss and that their is a “new Don in town.” Tony is crushed by the revelation.

Roxanne Perez Jumped On Snapchat Live

We are shown footage of Roxanne Perez getting jumped by Blair Davenport as she attempts to answer fan questions on Snapchat live. This leads to a match next week between the two.

Women’s Locker Room Segment

Backstage, Jacy Jayne talks trash about Lyra Valkyrie with Tatum Paxley. Tatum tells her to confront Lyra. Jacy continues to talk trash until Lyra shows up and punches her in the face. After Lyra leaves, Rhea Ripley comes into the room and calls Lyra a badass.

The Schism Backstage Segment

Ava Raine is talking with Jagger and Rip who are upset about their loser leaves NXT match next week. They are unhappy with Gacy making the match. Ava is attempting to reassure them and that they should trust Gacy because he has a plan. They tell her that he better, or they will.

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NXT Championship Match – Carmelo Hayes (c) Defeats Baron Corbin

This match was fantastic. Some really great action in this one including a pretty great spot where Corbin powerbombed Carmelo onto the announce table. These guys put on an absolute show. Hayes retains by pinfall.

After the match we see Bron Breakker going off on Shawn Michaels in his office. He says he will let everyone know next week what he is so upset about.

Final Thoughts

Another really good show tonight. NXT really seems to be picking up momentum right now. All of these main roster talents coming over is really working very well. It was cool to see Rhea tonight especially.

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