LA Knight Says He Was ‘Sure’ He Was Getting Fired By WWE Last Year

la knight

The red hot, self-proclaimed megastar, WWE’s LA Knight has claimed he expected to be fired last year.

LA Knight is on the run of his WWE career, getting the loudest reactions of the night wherever the company decides to go and with everybody saying…well you know the rest. Knight has been on both Raw and Smackdown recently to build the upcoming Money in the Bank premium live event and seems to be unequivocally the fans favourite to win the whole thing.

This makes it all the more surprising to hear that the former Max Dupri was “pretty sure I was fired” last year. In an interview, with the, always great Chris Van Vliet, Knight spoke of his claims he was going to be let go on Chris’ YouTube channel.

“Well, let me just go ahead and say this. I’m pretty sure I was fired and it just hadn’t officially happened yet. Without getting in to too many details, some things happened, I don’t remember what it was but some things happened. And then I had gotten a facetime. ‘Hey you know we want to keep you around. We want to do this, this, that, whatever.’ And, okay, cool. Good. So somehow, I had been saved from being thrown off the cliff. At least this is my interpretation of it. Maybe I’m incorrect. I don’t know.”

-LA Knight

On the backend of a very successful NXT run where Knight shone amongst the brightest on the brand he transitioned to the main roster as the modelling guru Max Dupri; soon debuting the Maximum Male Models stable.

A meeting with Triple H soon saw the floundering Dupri pushed aside for the return of the ‘mega-star’ LA Knight. At this point Knight is one of the most popular acts in the entire company and is full steam ahead to London for Money in the Bank.

Will LA Knight begin to fulfil his own prophecy this Saturday? I know what I think.


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