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Welcome to WrestlePurists’ Coverage of WWE NXT on June 6, 2023.

Baron Corbin In Ring Segment:

The show kicks off with Baron Corbin, fresh off last week’s attack on Carmelo Hayes. Corbin talks about leaving NXT and how things in the WWE have changed since then. He speaks about the talent and how all they do is complain. He calls NXT the house that he built. He says he’s going to make every single superstar wish they never signed contracts. Baron then turns his attention to Carmelo Hayes but before he can get to far, he is interrupted by Ilja Dragunov.

Dragunov and Corbin go back and forth a couple of times. This is a pretty good face to face interaction between two guys who are solid on the microphone. Dragunov challenges Corbin who accepts. Dragunov shows his bruises, Corbin says he will have a lot more after he’s finished with him. Dragunov leaves the ring and Suddenly out of nowhere Trick Williams jumps into the ring and attacks Corbin. A little payback for Hayes.

Thea Hail and Duke Hudson Segment:

Duke Hudson catches up with Thea Hail as she is leaving a gym, looking exhausted. Thea Hail reveals that she is getting some training from Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak in preparation for the upcoming no.1 contender women’s battle royal. Duke tells Thea that he thinks she is ready. She agrees and the two run out of the scene.

The Schism Defeat Diamond Mine:

Zack Gibson and Julius Creed start the match off on the mat. Gibson pushes Creed into the corner and tags in James Drake. The brothers take turns holding Drake in suplex position for at least a minute before Julius finally drops him. Ava Raine is tagged in and that forces Ivy Nile in the ring. However, Gibson quickly tags back in forcing Ivy and Raine back out. Brutus comes in and does some quick damage before all three Diamond Mine members are in the ring taking turns dealing damage.

We return from commercial to Gibson holding Brutus Creed in a sleeper hold. Schism has all the momentum at this point.

Commentary announces Trick Williams vs Baron Corbin will battle tonight.

Here comes Julius with the hot tag and he takes over the match culminating with a big top rope moonsault. As all men are down, the women are finally tagged in. Back and forth they go, strike for strike until Drake comes into the ring to interrupt. This causes a referee distraction as Raine smashes Ivy over the head with a mask and scores the pinfall.

Tony D’Angelo Visited By Stacks In Prison Segment:

From behind the prison glass, Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo have a discussion. They talk about Tony having access to Peacock while he is in jail. They continue to discuss business until Tony tells Stacks to handle the mole situation, which he believes is Gallus. The guard gives the times up and Tony hangs up the phone.

Von Wagner Therapy Segment

We see Mr. Stone trying to convince Von Wagner to get into therapy. Wagner is clearly uninterested, battling Stone at every turn until he realizes that the therapist he will be seeing is a beautiful blonde woman. He then willingly heads into the office. This segment was actually pretty funny.

Blair Davenport Defeats Dani Palmer:

These two put on a solid little match with Davenport dominating throughout. Midway through the match, Palmer gets a little bit of a comeback but it is quickly cut short. Davenport hits a “falcon arrow” and the match is over. Davenport was impressive no doubt.

Dana Brooke Segment:

Dana Brooke arrives arrives at the venue where she announces that she will be in tonights battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Tiffany Stratton Backstage Interview:

Stratton is asked about Dana Brooke being in the battle royal to which she quickly dismisses. She offers her thoughts on the match and how she has made the women’s title the most desirable championship in the company.

Baron Corbin Defeats Trick Williams:

Corbin takes control of this match early but it isn’t too long before Williams starts rolling and we go to picture in picture. The two spill outside the ring as Williams keeps dealing the offense. However the ride turns as they get back into the ring and Corbin gets Williams to the mat. We get some really good back and forth between the two with Corbin eventually getting the upper hand. We come back into full screen with Williams caught in a headlock.

Williams is able to escape the headlock and takes the match outside, however, Corbin takes back the upper hand and begins working more heat on Trick’s leg. Corbin gets Williams into a single crab but he gets to the ropes. After a desperation drop kick from Williams, both men are down.

Williams has the momentum now and gets a near fall. A little more back and forth and we get a “this is awesome” chant. Williams has the advantage until Corbin kicks on Trick’s tweaked leg allowing him to hit “End of Days” and secure the pinfall victory.

Nathan Frazier Presents Hard Hitting Home Truths:

Nathan Frazier talks NXT Battleground and the companies ever changing landscape. He talks about the title changes Dragon Lee is revealed to be senior correspondent to the show and the two chop it up in a goofy segment that actually got me chuckling a couple of times.

Mustafa Ali Defeats Joe Gacy:

Before the match begins, we get a backstage interview where Ali explains that because he is a “free agent” he is able to wrestle on any show he chooses. He says he has returned to NXT to finally win a championship. NXT North American Champion, Wes Lee walks into the interview and tells Ali that he is happy to have him in NXT. He even offers Ali a title shot. Ali declines, he would rather earn a shot. Ali’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

We return from commercial with Gacy standing in ring and the bell rings. The match starts off 50 50 until Gacy gets a slight advantage taking Ali to the mat. Not for long though as Ali gets the momentum and hits a nice neck breaker. He goes to the top rope but Gacy interrupts. Gacy attempts a superplex but Ali turns it into a sunset flip off the top. He then hits the 450 splash for the pinfall victory.

After the win, the rest of The Schism comes out and jump Ali. It’s three on one until Tyler Bates and Wes Lee come to the rescue. Schism retreats.

Backstage Segment

Backstage, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs are talking about the women’s battle royale until they are interrupted by Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. These four go back and forth and are suddenly joined by Tank Ledger and Hank Walker. It ends with NXT tag team champions, Gallus laying down some trash talk.

Eddy Thorpe Defeats Damon Kemp:

Thorpe and Kemp start off the match with some quick action and a couple quick near falls. The match is cut short when Thorpe hits a German suplex into a bridge pin. Kemp has one foot on the rope, but the ref doesn’t see it. Thorpe wins. Damon Kemp is clearly unhappy with the referee afterwards.

Dabba Kato Defeats Scrypts:

Scrypts gets some offense early but a brutal clothesline stops him in his tracks. Kato starts tossing Scrypts around and gets him into a bear hug. Scrypts is able to escape but gets tossed outside the ring. Axiom comes out and starts to distract Kato which allows Scrypts to score a roll up pin and victory.

After the match, Kato attacks both Scrypts and Axiom leaving both layed out in the middle of the ring.

The Schism Backstage Segment:

Gacy praises his team but tells them that he has failed them with tonight’s loss to Ali. Ava and Gibson tell him he will get another chance next week.

Prior to the battle royal, commentary announce that next week we will get a six man tag team match: The Schism vs Tyler Bate, Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali. Also announced: Baron Corbin vs Ilja Dragunov and Noam Dar vs Nathan Frazier.

Thea Hail Wins The Battle Royal to Determine #1 Contender for The NXT Women’s Championship

The battle royal begins with all competitors standing in the ring. This match quickly dwindled down to Cora Jade, Dana Brooke and Thea Hail. As Cora and Jade are tied up in the ropes, Thea comes from behind to eliminate them both and win the match.

Bron Breakker Interview:

The show ends with Bron Breakker leaving the arena and being caught up with by an interviewer that prompts him into explaining why he attacked Ilja Dragunov. He says he is going to start holding everyone in the company accountable.

He then challenges Seth Rollins for the Heavyweight Title!

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