WWE Talent Have Not Been Told That A Draft Is Coming Any Time Soon

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Since the beginning of Triple H’s regime leading creative in WWE in the summer of last year, many have long been awaiting the company’s next draft, with many believing that both Raw and Smackdown are in need of a shake up in order to keep things fresh.

Despite this, Fightful Select are now reporting that despite the rumoured draft being moved to 2023 according to talent, it is currently uncertain as to whether that remains the case, as talent told Fightful that they’ve yet to hear of a draft being in the works any time soon.

“A draft that would have effectively reset the rosters for the new Triple H regime was rumored late last year, however talent were told that it was being moved to an undetermined time in 2023. However, Fightful Select can confirm that unanimously across over a dozen talent on the WWE roster have not been told that a WWE Draft is coming, or when it could even be.”


Many fans likely expected a potential draft to come in the weeks after WrestleMania, as has been the case many times before. Per Fightful’s report, numerous WWE talents also believed this to be the case, although there has yet to be any mention of a draft as of Friday afternoon.

Sources at both FOX and USA Network had previously told Fightful that they primarily prefer distinctly different and separate rosters as a means of specialising their investment, however it was also noted that since Triple H took over, these comments have become less common.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on a potential WWE draft as soon as we hear more.

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