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Welcome to WrestlePurists coverage of the June 23rd episode of AEW Collision.

CMFTR, Ricky Starks, Bullet Club Gold & The Gunns Promos:

Before the intro of the show plays, we are greeted by a promo from CMFTR & Ricky Starks hyping up Tonight’s Main Event, and then the same by BC Gold & The Gunns. Something different to start the show, I liked it a lot.

Sting & Darby Allin Reveal Their 3rd Man For Forbidden Door:

The show starts with Tony Schiavone in the ring who tells us Tonight is the night we find out who will be teaming with Sting & Darby at Forbidden Door to take on Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Minoru Suzuki. Chris Jericho then makes his entrance with Suzuki. Jericho then puts himself over and his Forbidden Door team, and how Sting & Darby wont be able to find a partner that can match them. He then starts to demand to know who the partner is, even getting to the point of threatening Schiavone with his baseball bat. Sting’s music then hits and he comes out with Darby. Darby cuts a promo down the camera to Sammy Guevara who’s assumably at home, and says if he shows up tomorrow, he’s gonna kick his ass. Darby then says that Jericho knows their partner well because he beat Jericho at the Tokyo Dome. This causes Naito chants.

Tetsuya Naito’s music then hits to a huge pop. Naito takes in the reaction at the top of the ramp and makes his way to the ring for a staredown. Jericho then cautiously leaves the ring with Suzuki.

Naito being the mystery partner is the perfect choice for many reasons. Of course he is one of NJPW’s very top stars, but he also wasn’t on last years card to many fans disappointment. A really great addition to the card.

Hiroshi Tanahashi Defeats Swerve Strickland:

Tanahashi is greeted with much love from the Toronto crowd, and that sets the tone for the match, as is the case with many Tanahashi matches these days. Swerve looked good here as he always does as of late, but the most noticeable thing for me here was how even though Tanahashi is clearly past his physical prime, the live crowds, even when not on home soil, still adore and get behind him & he can still do enough to bring it all together.

Andrade El Idolo Defeats Brody Kind via DQ:

Andrade had his shoulder taped up, still selling his shoulder injury like last week. Brody King unsurprisingly targeted this and worked it over with offence looking as brutal as ever. Andrade got back at King by going after his knee which came into play towards the end. This was as physical as you’d expect and Andrade is really glowing in this babyface role where he can wrestle frequently.

Andrade is seemingly about to win the match with the figure 8 like he did vs Buddy Matthews last week, but before he can lock it in, Matthews gets involved and attacks Andrade leading to a DQ. After the match, King & Matthews lay out Andrade and get pretty good heat. Andrade clearly needs back up and it feels like it’s getting closer and closer.

Christian Cage & Luchasaurus Address The TNT Championship:

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and introduces Christian Cage & Luchasaurus who then make their entrance. Christian Cage then proceeds to get great heat whilst cutting a promo on the city of Toronto with a bunch of sports references.

He then turns his attention to the TNT title, saying he will take the TNT title to new heights. There will be no more open challenges. He also says “This isn’t gonna be a Vanity Project like another guy who used to ride the roads here in AEW”. Assumably a shot at Cody Rhodes. He then says that he and Luchasaurus are the face of TNT.

Mens Owen Hart Tournament Promo:

Cool promo package including promos from all the competitors in the Mens Owen Hart Tournament.

Willow Nightingale Defeats Nyla Rose (Womens Owen Hart Tournament):

After the match, the Outcasts attempt to jump Willow, but Skye Blue makes the save with a steel chair and the heels make an exit.

Scorpio Sky Promo:

Scorpio Sky is back after a while away and reminds of his accomplishments in AEW and that he achieved them whilst being a shadow of himself. He then says that he’s going to show us what the real Scorpio Sky is all about.

Powerhouse Hobbs Defeats Jeremy Prophet:

This was a squash. Hobbs back looking dominant on TV. Can’t complain.

Bullet Club Gold & The Gunns Defeat CMFTR & Ricky Starks:

Jay White pinned Ricky Starks.

CM Punk found out quickly that he wasn’t in Chicago anymore. As soon as his music hit, there was definitely a very split reaction as the loud boos drowned out the cheers during his entrance. This reaction and split, loud atmosphere carried its way throughout the entirety of this main event. Any time Punk’s fans would try to start a “CM Punk” chant, the boos would just drown them out and it was like the fans were battling it out over the same guy. It was really something.

The match itself of course benefitted from the hot atmosphere, with CM Punk more involved in this than last weeks 6 man tag. The 20+ minute main event included really solid outings for all men involved. Juice was bumping all over the place, the Gunns held their own, and Jay White was exceptional. Ricky Starks had a great hot tag in this, and Cash Wheeler is wrestling like a man possessed lately. The heels got the win here with Jay White getting the better of Ricky Starks again. I loved everything about this main event, and if this is the atmosphere we are going to get for Punk matches going forwards, then I’m all in.

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