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It’s Wednesday, you know what that means. A special AEW Dynamite is action packed from top to bottom with a FTW title match, the Blind Eliminator Tournament final and of course the much anticipated Blood and Guts match. The fans are in for a real treat per usual as the show hails from the famous TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Welcome to the WrestlePurists’ coverage of the latest edition of Dynamite.

FTW Championship: Jack Perry defeats HOOK (c)

Jack Perry coming out to the now iconic “Tarzan Boy” theme music seems to be a thing of the past as the song is cut-off to show a vignette on screen. Perry was seen burying a body, a metaphor that could be interpreted as burying his old self. A limo is waiting for the young prodigy, he enters it it then rides away. Beethoven’s fifth symphony begins to ring around the arena as Perry walks out in all black, embracing his new bad boy attitude. Inside the ropes, Hook and Perry have a good back-and-forth contest, with Perry showing his mean streak with a low blow and an attack with the FTW belt after a ref bump. It might not be in conventional fashion, but Perry has gold around his waist and ends the undefeated streak of the cold hearted handsome devil.

Adam Cole & MJF Vignette:

The entertaining duo of Adam Cole & MJF are once again shown bonding together outside of the ring. This time they are at a Chinese Restaurant, eating spicy wings. The pair continue to bond and play off of each other well, showing their growing chemistry. After what seems to be a couple of drinks, the duo ends the segment with a double clothesline to the waiter, a possible foreshadow to later in the night?

Chris Jericho & Don Callis Segment:

The two Winnipeg natives, Jericho and Callis are seen arriving to the TD Garden arena together after a segment earlier in the night showing the pair having dinner together. Jericho still hasn’t made a decision on whether or not he will be joining the Don Callis family but at this point unless a surprise is in store, the “Ocho” will inevitably say yes to joining the new faction.

Britt Baker defeats Kayla Sparks:

Britt Baker made easy work of Kayla Sparks in what was nothing more than a squash match. This could’ve easily been removed from the show as it didn’t further any storyline and seemed more as an obligatory women’s match rather than a good use of of the improving women’s roster.

Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Final: MJF & Adam Cole Defeat Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia:

MJF & Adam Cole were interviewed by Renee Paquette just prior to the match. The newly formed tag team revealed matching trunks and jackets for the match, with Cole also teasing a surprise. Viewers didn’t have to wait long for the surprise as it ended up being a mashup of the duo’s music. While it was horrendous on the ears, the gesture came off as endearing with the live crowd getting a kick out of it. This duo is white hot! Before blows were traded in the ring, Garcia does his iconic dance, he is quickly one-upped by MJF. This prompts for a dance battle, all four men have their time to shine with Chris Jericho watching his stablemates on commentary. After witnessing dance moves that would be seen at a middle age couples wedding from Adam Cole, the actions begins. The dance battle will divide opinion as it was very “sports entertainment” but the characters played their respective roles excellently during the segment. Throughout the match the double clothesline is constantly teased by Cole & MJF, but avoided by the heels. On top of that, MJF teases a suicide dive to the outside multiple times as we’ve seen in the past. However, unlike in the past, MJF finally goes through with the dive rendering a monstrous pop from the crowd. That isn’t the only big reaction as the team finally hit the double clothesline for the victory. Guevara and Garcia are joined by Jericho at the top of the ramp but instead of staying by his side, they walk away in disappointment. Back in the ring, Cole goes to give MJF his AEW World Title but ends up staring at the championship. Cole is caught in the act by MJF which causes some dissention between the fan-favorite pair. Cracks begin to show before FTR’s music hits. The four men have a stare-down but no blows are exchanged. The four will compete in a Tag Title match on the July 29th edition of Rampage.

Renee Paquette backstage interview with the Best Friends, Darby Allin & Nick Wayne:

Paquette is joined by The Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, Kris Statlander, Darby Allin, and Nick Wayne backstage. The segment is used to announce the Royal Rampage on Friday night for a chance at the TNT title. Allin also asks Cassidy if his long-time friend AR Fox can get a chance at the International title. Cassidy agrees to the match for Dynamite next week.

The Golden Elite Defeat The Blackpool Combat Club, PAC & Konosuke Takeshita:

The long awaited star-studded match begins with Claudio Castagnoli and Kenny Omega going at it in the middle of the ring. After every five-minute interval a new wrestler joins the match. The bout begins to pick up when Jon Moxley comes in with that famed screw driver and aims it at both Omega and Page’s heads. Not long after, forks and shattered glass are introduced to the match. Nick Jackson comes in like a house on fire and attacks Moxley with a missile dropkick into the shattered glass sprinkled around the ring.

As more men enter the match, Moxley introduces a new toy. A bed of nails is pulled from under the ring. It doesn’t take long for Omega to take two bumps into the bed of nails. The excruciating bump is painted all over Omega’s face as he winces in horror. As the ring is almost completely filled up, one man remains. The long awaited debut of Kota Ibushi finally comes to fruition as the Golden Star comes out to much fanfare. Ibushi is rushed up the ramp by Yuta, but no luck for Yuta as Ibushi gains the upper hand. The debutant then enters the double-ring and saves his fellow Golden Lover from Moxley’s wrath. Moxley takes a bump on the bed of nails, with Ibushi putting the cherry on top with a standing moonsault.

As the screen goes to picture-in-picture, Yuta is shown climbing up the cage and followed my Matt Jackson. Jackson and Yuta fight on top of the cage culminating with multiple northern lights suplexes from Jackson onto Yuta. The match then enters the last ten minute stretch marred by table bumps, thumbtacks, a double stomp while dangling from the top bars of the cage, and of course a bloody Jon Moxley. The match begins to fall apart for the Blackpool Combat Club as Pac walks out on the team after an accidental uppercut from Castagnoli onto the bastard. The Golden Elite take the advantage as they zone in on Yuta and handcuff Moxley to one of the ropes. From commentary, Don Callis sees the writing on the walls and gets his protegee Takeshita out of there.

The Golden Elite go for the kill. Yuta passes out after being choked out with a steel chain. An absolute insane match ends with the Golden Elite standing tall in what is sure to be the final chapter in this saga.

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