AEW Game ‘Fight Forever’ Expected To Be Limited In Multiple Areas

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As reported earlier this month by Sports Gamers Online, the upcoming AEW game ‘Fight Forever’ is set to have a number of limitations, stemming from behind the scenes development issues.

SGO have now provided yet another update on AEW’s debut console videogame, stating that these limitations are likely to result in a simplified creation suite, alongside gameplay akin to early 2000s wrestling games.

“Not having a suite as deep as other sports titles shouldn’t be that surprising. Having the ability to create championships, arenas, shows, and more was nothing that should’ve been anticipated for the first game. However, the limitations are going to be felt in other areas of the suite which can be viewed as either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. SGO was told that movesets in general will be limited “akin to an early 2000s wrestling game” while customization options for wrestlers will leave people wishing they had more.”


Another area of the AEW game that SGO believe will be relatively limited when compared to fan expectations is the inclusion of licenced theme music, with SGO citing budgeting problems for some themes not making the cut.

“Regarding the game’s music, one source said don’t expect all of the licensed music that wrestlers have for their entrance themes to make it into the game. One said, “there’s a reason they are showing only wrestlers with themes created specifically for AEW in their previews”.”


In terms of entrances, SGO claimed that they have been unable to confirm whether full entrances will feature in the game, with trailers up to this point only displaying tunnel views.

Whilst SGO’s updates thus far have been far from positive, they noted that many behind the scenes remain adamant that the movesets available will allow the game to be accessible for all types of players.

Closing, SGO confirmed that AEW Fight Forever’s story mode will be the primary focus of the game, with Kenny Omega’s involvement a key factor in ensuring repayability.

“Sources also say the game’s story mode is a major focus because it will be the primary option for players. Branching storylines and making sure decisions and results impact the direction it goes was a major sticking point from the beginning. The ability for players to replay the mode is something that Kenny Omega has wanted for the game day one and that mindset never waivered.”


AEW Fight Forever is set to release for both console and PC this fall, and we certainly hope that the final product will prove a memorable first installment in AEW’s videogame series.

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