AEW Owner Tony Khan Comments On The Warner Bros and Discovery Merger

Tony Khan TBS

Warner Bros Discover was officially formed in April of this year following a multi-billion dollar merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery.

With AEW’s television programmes falling under the WarnerMedia banner, many questioned what the merger would mean for the company’s future. These worries were amplified when TNT & TBS General Manager Brett Weitz, who served as an advocate for AEW, departed the company.

Speaking to Richard Deitsch on the Sports Media podcast, AEW President Tony Khan was asked to comment on the implications of the merger for AEW.

“We’re at The Forum (in Los Angeles) next week [June 1] and I’m really honored and it’s a great privilege for us because a lot of the top executives from Warner Brothers/Discovery are going to be at The Forum. We have a sold out show, a ton of fans coming. We’ve opened up more seats. It’s one of our biggest crowds in one of the biggest sports markets in the world and some of the greatest wrestling fans. It means a lot personally for me to be in The Forum to begin with, but I can’t tell you what it means that a lot of top executives from Warner Brothers Discovery are not only coming to the show, but they’re throwing a great event for us afterward in The Forum. Just to have their presence to begin with, it means so much they would come to the show, but also a lot of the top executives in the Warner Brothers Discovery family are going to have an event with us with a lot of people in AEW. We’re going to hang out and that means the world to us, getting to know each other better. They’ve been so supportive and great coming in. It means so much to us to be working with the largest producer of content now after this great merger and running such an efficient ship. To be a part of it, putting up numbers, working hard, showing up every week,”

-Tony Khan

AEW at The Forum on June 1st will mark AEW’s first trip to Los Angeles since the formation of the company in early 2019.

Fans of AEW will certainly feel more optimistic regarding the company’s future on television following Tony Khan’s comments, and with the reveal of HBO Max and Discovery+ becoming one streaming service, AEW and ROH may find a new home following this merger.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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