AEW’s Andrade, Rey Fenix & Penta Reportedly Expected To Miss Forbidden Door

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Not the best news for fans of AEW’s Andrade, Rey Fenix & Penta.

Andrade recently took to twitter and posted the following:

Since Andrade made the tweet, there has been a lot of talk online about what may have happened with Andrade and what this will mean in the future. However there hasn’t been much information about the issue available.

According to LuchaBlog in an update, Andrade was booked on AEW x NJPW’s Forbidden Door Event but is no longer booked, also noting that Rey Fenix and Penta will miss the show too and that Andrade’s tweet should be taken at face value.

I’ve since been told Andrade was booked on Forbidden Door and is no longer booked on Forbidden Door. Fenix & Penta will also not be appearing on Forbidden Door, as confirmed to me by multiple sources. Andrade’s tweet should be taken at face value. This is bad for everyone.

– LuchaBlog

The post also touches on AAA’s Konnan’s response to Andrades tweet:

Konnan responded to Andrade to absolve AAA of responsibility; that is fair, this is one time where it seems like AAA’s only getting heat because AAA exists.


We will keep an eye out for any more updates and post them here as and when they pop up.

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