Alan Angels Says There Was Never Any Plans to Split The Dark Order

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The Dark Order, a fan-favourite group in AEW which also have ties to the current World Champion, Hangman Adam Page, have shown at times some tensions within the group. This had lead to some fans speculating whether or not the group will split up.

Towards the end of Page’s emotional title chase, which culminated at Full Gear of last year, many believed a split for The Dark Order wasn’t far away. The group often had heated backstage arguments which showed clear infighting and tension. Adam Page has even seemingly become distant to his friends amid his title reign. But, when speaking to the Missing the Marks podcast Alan Angels has addressed and cleared up beliefs that the group might’ve been breaking up.

“No, not really. I don’t think that was ever the plan, honestly, we kind of just put all that together. We just came up to Tony every week and were like, ‘this is what we want to do this week,’ and he usually let us do it. It was just us pushing to do something because the whole thing was, Hangman left because he lost the elimination match, he left for a few months, and while he was gone we figured it would be a good idea to do this whole story and get people invested in us as individual characters. I feel that storyline did more for us individually than anything else we’ve ever done. You saw a different side of me, a different side of Uno, it did a lot for me, personally. I owe a lot of it to Uno because he’s the guy that really pushed for it and he put me over in the one match we had. I’m grateful to him for doing that. It was such a cool angle. It was cool to hear the crowds when we had those matches against each other. They weren’t cheering anyone, they were chanting ‘please don’t fight.’ It’s cool and such a different reaction to anything I’ve dealt with. There wasn’t a defined babyface, who’s right, who’s wrong, we were both right and wrong. It was a cool dynamic and unique.”

– Alan Angels.

Though, while he is proud of the overall story, he acknowledged that the group didn’t have as much time as they’d have liked to tell their story which eventually coincided with the aforementioned title win from Adam Page.

“It was some of the most fun I’ve had in AEW so far, that storyline. It was so different and got to show us as individuals as opposed to a group. Real proud of that storyline and how we told it, I feel like we didn’t have as much time to tell it as we wanted, we were very time constricted, but we did a good job of doing what we did with what we had.”

-Alan Angles

While Page still appears disconnected from the group, The Dark Order remains a heavily populated and strong unit on AEW television and will likely still together into the distant future.

H/T to fightful for the transcription

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