Alexa Bliss Reveals WWE Extended Her Contract

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WWE have renewed Alexa Bliss’ contract.

On May 30th, Alexa Bliss announced that her and Husband Ryan Cabrera are expecting a child, due in December. In an interview with TheMessenger, Alexa Bliss talked about how she found out she was pregnant and also revealed that WWE have extended her contract.

“I was preparing for my return in the ring and I was just having really bad cramping. I thought that was weird,” “So then I just decided to take a test and then I think I said, ‘Oh s—t.'”

-Alexa Bliss

Since losing to Bianca Belair at the WWE Royal Rumble, Bliss has been absent from WWE television. She has been on a break where she has appeared on “The Masked Singer” and also undergone a procedure to remove skin cancer.

“WWE gave me time off for [Masked Singer] to kind of fully dive into that experience with rehearsals, vocal lessons, and all that stuff. Storyline-wise, I was not on TV anyway, so it really kind of worked out perfectly. [WWE] extended my contract, and so it’s just basically come back when I’m ready. Probably a month after the baby, I’ll start probably getting back into the gym, and getting ready for to see what my in-ring return looks like.”

-Alexa Bliss

When Alexa Bliss will return to WWE TV at this point of course is impossible to say, but since she is a big star in WWE’s Womens Division, it will be certain she is greeted positively when she does return.

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