“At Least One” Person On ROH Supercard Of Honor To Emerge As A Signing For AEW/ROH

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Ring Of Honor is finally back next week after going on hiatus for the first quarter of 2022.

Since ROH announced they were going on hiatus and made mass talent cuts at the end of last year, many fans feared the worst for the company. Luckily it seems the company is going to stick around and even potentially flourish, as AEW Owner, Tony Khan announced he would be purchasing the promotion last month.

With a change of ownership comes a lot of questions. One thing many people have wondered about is what familiar ROH faces can we expect to see involved with this reboot. Fightful Select in their latest post has given fans some updates.

The report states that there has been numerous former ROH talent that were hopeful that they would be brought back for the ROH reboot, but many have since had no contact with the new ROH management. Also, that after Supercard Of Honor, Delirious will no longer be committed to ROH.

As reported last week, as of this moment Delirious is still with the company. However, we’re told that after Supercard of Honor, he’ll no longer be committed to the company.

– Fightful Select

The post also stated that Fightful were told to expect at least one person on the Supercard show to emerge as a signing with AEW/ROH

We’re told to expect at least one person on the Supercard show to emerge as a signing with AEW/ROH.

– Fightful Select

It seems pretty clear that this new ROH reboot is going to be different to what fans had grown used to in the companies last days before hiatus. Hopefully things will blow up for the promotion and they can restore some of their former glory.

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