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Welcome to Wrestle Purists’ coverage of NXT 2.0 on March 22nd 2022.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams Arrive:

Carmelo & Trick pull up to the venue in a Bentley and hype up the qualifying matches for the North American Championship Ladder Match happening tonight.

Solo Sikoa Defeated Roderick Strong:

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams were on commentary. Santos Escobar came out halfway through the match and watched from the ramp.

Backstage With Indi Hartwell & Persio Pirotta:

Indi Hartwell brags about beating Pirotta last week and the two women go back and forth over who’s more popular and who’s in the better couple. Hartwell then invites Pirotta and Duke Hudson ringside for Dexter Lumis’ match later Tonight.

Tony D’Angelo Defeated Dexter Lumis:

D’Angelo attempted to get his crowbar, but Indi Hartwell stopped him. Persia Pirotta then took the crowbar, but D’Angelo snatched it out her hand and hit Lumis, leading to the finish.

D’Angelo got on the mic after the match and cut a promo on Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa comes out and attacks D’Angelo from behind. Ciampa then takes the mic and says that if Stand and Deliver is his last story in NXT, he will give it a fairytale ending.

Backstage with Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler:

Roode cuts a promo putting over himself and his contributions to NXT when he was there before. Him and Dolph then both cut promos on Bron Breakker

Grayson Waller Promo:

Video package for Grayson Waller containing a promo where he puts himself over and takes shots at A-Kid

Elektra Lopez Defeated Fallon Henley:

Locker Room With Draco Anthony & Xyon Quinn

Draco Antony’s phone keeps pinging. Then Draco shows Xyon a video Joe Gacy sent him where Gacy tries to convince Draco to join him. Xyon Quinn says Draco knows what he needs to do and he’s got his back if he needs him.

Backstage With Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo:

Dakota Kai puts over the match later tonight and says her and Choo are going to win the Dusty Cup. Choo brings up how Raquel Gonzalez & Kai won the cup last year but Gonzalez turned on her, which makes Kai uncomfortable.

Bron Breakker Defeated Robert Roode:

Dolph Ziggler snuck up from behind and superkicked Breakker after the match.

Locker Room With Dexter Lumis, Indi Hartwell, Duke Hudson & Persia Pirotta:

Hartwell questions if Pirotta let go of the crowbar on purpose in the match earlier, which she denies. Persia Pirotta then said that Lumis just cant get the job done like Duke Hudson can and Hudson can take on anyone. Lumis then draws a picture of Gunther & Hartwell challenges Duke to face Gunther, which Hudson hesitantly accepts.

Chase University Promo:

Bodhi Hayward delivers a speech about needing Fortitude to pick himself back up when Von Wagner hit him last week. One of the students then raises their hand, and Bodhi goes off on them. Andre Chase stops him and asks him where he learnt that from, which Bodhi replies that he learnt it from Chase. Chase says it’s beautiful and joins him in shouting at the student.

Grayson Waller Defeated A-Kid:

Solo Sikoa watched from the ramp. Carmelo Hayes got on the mic after the match and said that the 3 losers of the qualifying matches for the North American Championship Ladder match (Cameron Grimes, A-Kid & Roderick Strong) have one more chance to qualify next week in a triple threat against each other. He then says A-kid will never be the A Champion, A-Kid then kicks Trick Williams.

Backstage With Von Wagner & Robert Stone:

Robert Stone complains to Wagner about Jacket Time. Wagner says they will deal with them after Bodhi Hayward next week. Sofia Cromwell then appears and asks to talk business with Robert Stone, then they walk away together

Creed Brothers Defeated Grizzled Young Veterans:

After the match, a video played on the Titantron of two guys in black hoodies with their face hidden vandalising the Diamond Mine gym/workout room.

Gunther Defeated Duke Hudson:

After the match Gunther starts to cut a promo on LA Knight, but LA Knight comes out and interrupts him. The two men have a verbal back and forth. LA Knight challenges Gunther to a match at Stand & Deliver and punches him. Imperium then outnumber Knight, but MSK make the save.

Cameron Grimes Promo:

Grimes says last week he was emotional and talks about his late Father & why next weeks final chance qualifying match for the North American Championship Ladder Match is the biggest of his career and that he’ll do whatever it takes to win.

Gunther vs LA Knight Made Official For Stand & Deliver:

Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray Defeated Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo, Dusty Cup Final:

Io Shirai pinned Wendy Choo. When Shirai & Kay Lee Ray were celebrating in the ring with the Dusty Cup, Toxic Attraction interrupted and Mandy Rose cut a promo on Shirai & Kay Lee Ray. Kay Lee Ray then said they are cashing in their Dusty Cup win to make the NXT Womens Title match at Stand & Deliver a Fatal-4-Way

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