Charlotte Flair Talks Her And Andrade Being In Different Promotions

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Charlotte Flair & Andrade are one of the more high profile relationships between two wrestlers. With Charlotte being one of the top stars in WWE, and Andrade being a regular fixture on AEW TV, it makes many wonder if they will ever be together in the same promotion again.

Charlotte Flair spoke with HOT 97 about the matter:

“In terms of my fiance, I think everyone likes to dream and play with this, like, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s over there and she’s here and she’s gonna leave or he’s gonna leave or —’ No, like, he wants to be successful. I want to be successful. We encourage each other.

I don’t tease things for attention, right or put things out there so I can get clicks or likes or attention and be like, ‘Oh, she liked an AEW tweet,’ come on guys. I’ve been the face of the Women’s Division at WWE for how long now?

My fiance made a decision, what I think was best for him, but just because he’s at another company doesn’t mean there needs to be drama behind it. If anything we want both companies to do well for competition,”

– Charlotte Flair

H/T to Fightful for the transcription

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