Goldberg Praises WWE NXT Champion Bron Breakker, Says That He’s Just Like Him

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Goldberg sees a bit of his own style in the current NXT Champion, Bron Breakker. Equipped with a wicked spear and intensity personified, Goldberg is hardly the first person to make the comparison between Breakker and himself.

An ever present goal in modern wrestling seems to trying to recapture the presence of the long undefeated WCW Champion, Bill Goldberg brought to the wrestling world before officially departing in 2004. With big hoss after body guy burdened with being labeled “the next Goldberg” Bron Breakker stands out to the Hall of Fame superstar above all else.

In a recent interview on the Roman Atwood Podcast, Goldberg took time to draw comparisons between himself and the NXT Champion.

“Rick Steiner’s son, who’s now Bron Breakker, who’s the champion of NXT. It’s kind of like the farm… it’s not the farm league, I’ll get lambasted for that. But it’s another segment of WWE of the new up and comers basically. Well, he’s me basically. He’s spearing dudes and they wanted him to jackhammer people. He’s the son of one of my best friends and I love this kid. He went up and he tried to play for Baltimore, I think he was a free agent for the Ravens. The kid is unbelievably athletic but he’s one of the smartest kids, man. He’s knowledgeable in the business because he grew up with it. I was hanging out with him and his dad when he was Gage’s age. Now look at him. He’s calling me last night and we’re talking about the business and he’s like ‘Man, if Gage ever needs anybody to make a phone call for him, I’ve got a rolodex of these coaches.’ I’m like, is this really Steiner’s son man? I remember when he was Gage’s age. It’s cool, it’s cool how it’s all cyclical and we’re all taking care of each other. You’ve got great friends and a great group, even through the generations they all take care of each other.”


Goldberg has made it known that his current deal with WWE expires at the end of 2022.

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