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The time is (finally) coming for Himeka.

On Sunday, Stardom’s Cinderella Tournament continued with two second-round matches. While one of the matches had some history backing it with a potential favorite advancing, the second-round matchup between Syuri and Himeka gave fans a result that carries the potential for another match long in the making.

It was Oct. 29. 2020 when Himeka challenged Giulia for the Wonder of Stardom Championship. Falling in defeat, Himeka showed she had the makings to become a champion somewhere down the road. Well, “The Jumbo Princess” hasn’t received a singles championship match since then, being the only member of the roster outside of new additions Miyu Amasaki and Ami Sourei. 500-plus days later and now Himeka seems to be near that title opportunity.

Syuri and Himeka battled to a 10-minute draw which eliminated them from the tournament. Himeka laid down the challenge to Syuri once again, channeling the same challenge she gave the World of Stardom Champion back at Kawasaki Super Wars for the SWA World Championship and 5 STAR Grand Prix contract. This time (like last), Syuri agreed to a match and said she will put the World of Stardom Championship on the line. With the next steps of the Donna del Mondo vs. God’s Eye feud seemingly going through these two, it sets up to be a special bout between the former stablemates.

TJPW Update
Elsewhere around the Joshi-sphere, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW) held their Still Incomplete show where Shoko Nakajima defended her Princess of Princess Championship for the first time since winning it against Yuki Aino. Despite a spirited challenge by Aino, “The Big Kaiju” successfully defended her championship. Soon after the win, TJPW’s resident superhero Hyper Misao challenged Nakajima to a match for her championship, following up on their New Year Tiger Child Rescue match from Jan. 4 of this year. There’s little chance it will be the serious war that Miyu Yamashita had in her title reign but it should be befitting of the “fun” TJPW often provides to its fans with the history these two share.

Make sure to come back next week as Stardom finds its Cinderella Tournament semi-finalists.

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