Jay White Discusses His Future Possibilities “Impact, WWE, AEW, We’ll See”

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Jay White was defeated by Hikuleo in a Loser Leaves Japan match at NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka.

While White is still a part of New Japan Pro-Wrestling and will face Eddie Kingston at NJPW Battle in the Valley, the terms of his Loser Leaves Japan match require that, should he stay with NJPW, it be in America.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Jay White discussed leaving Japan and what his future may hold.

“So much is possible. Impact, AEW, WWE—we’ll see.”

– Jay White

Jay White would also go on to talk about how satisfied he is with what he was able to achieve in NJPW.

“I’m at peace with it,” says White, who brought new life to Bullet Club as its leader. “I don’t know if there is much more I could have done. I don’t feel like I left a bunch of boxes unchecked. I’ve been living it, so it can be hard to appreciate it in the moment, but as I move on, I’ve started to look back at the weight some of it holds. As time goes on, I hope people appreciate it even more.

“To me, I was doing what I was meant to be doing. Now I’m looking at what’s next.”

– Jay White

Jay White is set to face Eddie Kingston at this Weekends Battle In The Valley NJPW Show in the U.S. Mercedes Monè (fka Sasha Banks) will also be having her first NJPW match on the show vs KAIRI.

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