Kevin Owens on re-signing with WWE

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Kevin Owens recently re-signed a new deal with WWE after his contract was set to expire earlier this year.

When news first broke that Kevin Owens’ contract may expire late last year, many fan assumed he would be on his way to AEW after a few cryptic tweets of his. But this never seemed to be the case as he swiftly re-signed with WWE.

Owens was recently a guest on Ryan Satin’s Out Of Character and talked about the contract situation

“WWE didn’t really let me think about it much, they made it clear they wanted me to stay. Vince McMahon, I dealt with Vince directly and he made it clear he wanted me to stay. We made an agreement right then and there. I’m a big believer in…my career is going to go the way it goes and I’m going to do my best with it. I’m there now for a couple more years and I’m going to do my best to get opportunities and knock them out of the park and reap the benefits. As I’ve documented before, there are ups and downs with this thing; to WWE, to wrestling, to the industry. I feel like I’m a great upswing right now and I’m enjoying what I do. I’m really enjoying myself a lot lately. Hopefully, it keeps going that way. If it eventually stops feeling that way and I feel like I’m on the downswing, then it’s up to me to find a way back up. I’ve always taken that outlook. I’m having a great time these days,”

There is talk that Kevin Owens is set for a huge Wrestlemania match this year in Texas with none other than Stone Cole Steve Austin. It seems pretty clear that he is happy where he is and that WWE values him as a performer.

H/T to Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert for the transcription

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