Multiple Offers On The Table For Cody Rhodes

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Yet another update on Cody Rhodes’ future.

This time the report comes from Fightful Select. They confirm that Cody Rhodes has multiple offers, which was noted earlier this month by Dave Meltzer on the F4W Online Board

Fightful can confirm that there have been multiple offers on the table from wrestling companies, but haven’t been able to confirm which remain on the table or if any are being signed.

– Fightful Select

The post also states that the companies & Rhodes Camp are all being “tight lipped” about it. Also that the Rhodes’ are still working on some unscripted programming content.

In an interesting note, Fightful Select have reported that there is an EVP in AEW that believes that Cody was signed, or is signing with WWE.

Fightful can confirm that at least one EVP in All Elite Wrestling as of last weekend fully believed that Cody Rhodes was signed or was signing with WWE and would face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. Again, we haven’t confirmed that as of yet.

– Fightful Select

On Monday night, WWE’s RAW will be in AEW’s “home” of Jacksonville, Florida. Many have speculated that it would be the most likely chance we have of seeing Cody Rhodes debut in WWE before Wrestlemania 38 in Dallas, Texas.

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