Pentagon Jr vs Villano IV: Mascara contra Mascara

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A match that was filled with blood, emotion and passion. A battle of life and death. A fight for legacies. First you got Pentagon Jr, a wrestler in his prime trying to make history in Mexico and the United States trying to build a legacy. Then you got Villano IV a legend at the end of the road trying to fight for his family’s name one last time.

I’m not going to lie to y’all. I wasn’t too sure of this match when it first got announced because of Villano’s age and if would be able to keep up with Pentagon Jr but I was surprisingly wrong. This match was everything I ever wanted in pro-wrestling and so much more this match was the perfect embodiment of lucha libre. This was the stuff people talk about when talking about passion in pro wrestling you could literally feel it through on my phone or tv. I watched this about 3 times since it aired Saturday. I half watched it Saturday while I was at work and I could barely pay attention because of how crazy it got towards the end of my shift but I thought the match was still fantastic. Then on Sunday I decided to watch it again on the big tv to see if I could get my patients to watch it with me. AND GUESS WHAT IT WORKED! All six of them actually sat down and watched it with me. They did not sell the match at all but I was actually shocked that they sat through it with me and paid attention.

But after watching it for the second time with no distractions I thought I saw one of the best Mask vs Mask matches and one of the best matches I’ve seen this year. If I’m not mistaken it’s number five on that list. The atmosphere was hot for this match and they were hungry for Pentagon to take his mask.

The match starts off electric with Pentagon coming out with some insane looking gear that could only be described as legendary. But that didn’t stop Villano from coming out to the ramp to stop him and start an all out brawl. After a couple rough ramp spots than Villano takes Pentagon to ring and he starts to use his old man strength to get the advantage on Pentagon by ripping his mask off to give him some nasty knuckle sandwiches. Then he did the most insane and awesome thing I’ve ever seen and that was put on a full nelson just to give him headbutts against the turnbuckles.

You know Pentagon was willing to put his life on line because he was taking a lot of unnecessary headshots with pan sheets and trash cans. Yes, it ruled but very funny that someone in Pentagon’s position is taking all this unnecessary risk. But fuck it! IT’S LUCHA LIBRE. When you love this shit you put everything on the line. Than Villano tries to rip Pentagon’s vest but can’t so he just starts lighting up Penta with the most insane punches you would ever see. Villano is doing everything from sizing up Penta to giving him body shots and upper cuts. Penta is bleeding everywhere he realizes hes fucked agasints Villano’s old man strength.

Villano even puts this man Penta through a freaking table on the floor. But Penta is quickly able to recover by doing a toupe on Villano. Penta finally gets his revenge on Villano by ripping his mask semi off. He starts stomping on the weakened Villano’s head than HE STARTS FORCIBLY SLAMMING VILLANO’S HEAD INTO THE RING POST. THIS MAGICAL. Penta doesn’t care this man is 57 he’s just laying in these shots to the head. No man is showing quit; they’re both fighting to death covered in blood. Bro, these dawgs are just swinging unprotected closed fist at each other’s faces.

After some intense brawling these dawgs take it back to the ring where they don’t slow down. They literally find another gear which is saying something when this match has been at a 9 or 10 speed wise. Villano is channeling his inner 40 year old self to have a performance of a lifetime. Villano’s experience helped him towards the end of this match. His experience in these kind of matches helped him to counter Penta’s late offense but at Villano’s age even though he’s been able to keep up with the physicality its not enough to stop Penta’s endless amount of combinations and vicious chops.Penta keeps asking for Villano’s best and Penta is just eating all Villano’s offense for lunch.

Pentagon has his eyes on the prize after he “breaks” Villano’s arm. He smells the blood in the water. He snaps his arm about 3 times but Villano won’t go down and he gets the crowd to rile him back. The crowd is going nuts for both men now. Both men are tired and exhausted but Villano’s late offense is no match for Pentagon who punts Villano in the head and snaps his arm one last time for the victory.

The match is over. It’s finally over for Villano, his long historic career comes to an end in an emotional and passionate match for the ages. Villano’s family and fans are shocked he lost. But his brother and kids surround Villano IV one last time while they remove his mask for the world to see. You can see and feel the sadness coming from his family. Everyone is so distraught. But Villano stays strong and stoic in the middle of the ring while his brother and kids untie his mask one last time before he hands his mask to Pentagon Jr. He gives him a handshake and sings his praises. Villano cuts an emotional promo that can make the heartless feel something. Villano’s brother is crying in the background while he hands his mask over to Pentagon.

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Triplemania ends with a powerful image of Pentagon Jr standing tall like a gladiator holding the head of the person he just “killed” to show the thousands of fans in attendance. At one point it looked like Pentagon even offered up Villano’s mask to the gods. What a fucking legendary night for both men and a thing that will be talked about for years to come. It was especially special for Pentagon Jr in my eyes who became the new king of lucha libre. (**** ½)

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