Reported Denial “From The Top” Of AEW Regarding Ace Steel’s Return

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AEW sources have reportedly denied reports suggesting Ace Steel is back with the company.

Following the recent announcement of AEW Collision, numerous reports indicated that the controversial Ace Steel, a pivotal figure in the infamous ‘Brawl Out’ incident, is back with the company. It was even included in Nick Hausman’s report that Ace Steel had already been back with the company for “Several months”.

It was also reported that it was agreed that after AEW: Collision premiered, Steel would go back on the road for AEW and serve as an agent for the company. On Tuesday, however, it was decided not to send Steel back on the road, and Punk was informed of this shortly after. There was then some miscommunication between the lawyers, and Punk was subsequently removed from the Wednesday announcement.

Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting, however, that top AEW sources are denying that Ace Steel is back as a producer for the company.

“It also should be noted that while we had heard talk about a Steel deal to return as a producer for Collision from multiple sources, we had also been told from the top in checking that we were told it was not true. Even after it became clear on 5/16 that the story would break and that different people started reporting speculation on his return, we were told it was not true.”


In contrast to the Observer’s update, Nick Hausman recently reported that Steel was back with the company “several months ago”, although he hadn’t actively been working backstage in order to avoid upsetting certain talents.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on Ace Steel’s status with AEW as soon as we hear more.

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