Roxanne Perez Reportedly Now Cleared

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After a situation that raised questions following a recent match on NXT, Roxanne Perez has reportedly been given the all-clear to return to the ring.

On the NXT episode from March 7, Roxanne Perez collapsed following her NXT Womens title defence vs Meiko Satomura and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

The collapsing was all part of an angle and storyline, but there was also reports that Roxanne Perez may have been dealing with a legitimate issue and that’s why they did the angle so she could be taken off TV to be checked out etc.

In a new update from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, he revealed that Roxanne Perez is now cleared and is expected to be worked back into TV ASAP.

“So she is okay, cleared, and will be worked back into storylines as soon as… probably starting on tomorrow (tonight)’s show. Somehow they’re gonna get her back in the mix. So whatever the issue was, they got a good report. It’s not an injury, but it’s just a situation that could have kept her out and that’s why they did the thing (ambulance angle) as kind of like a backup thing, and everything’s cool, and from what I was told today, now they’re gonna start working her back in.”

– Dave Meltzer

If Roxanne Perez is to return imminently then it would be fair to assume it would be to build towards a match with Tiffany Stratton at NXT Stand and Deliver which takes place on WrestleMania weekend. Tiffany Stratton called out the winner of the NXT Womens title match before Perez’s match with Satomura.

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