Seth Rollins On Cesaro Feud: ‘We Had A Lot More We Could Have Done”

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Seth Rollins is a man who has constantly reinvented his character. He has been known as an architect, a messiah and, most recently, a visionary. Rollins was a highlight of the WWE during the pandemic era and he’d recently reflected on one of his key feuds during this time.

After returning from a hiatus in January 2021, Rollins was placed into a feud with Cesaro. He has ditched the messiah gimmick and this was the transition into the visionary persona. Seth has spoken to Ryan Satin on Out Of Character about the early developments of that gimmick and how he never really grasped what it should be until after the Cesaro feud.

“I was still trying to gather what the character was going to be coming out of my return from…I got punted in the face at Survivor Series, left the Messiah character behind, came back as this Visionary but wasn’t really certain what it was going to look like. Got into the story with Cesaro. I was still piecing it together. I had ideas of what I thought it could be, but it didn’t really take hold until the Edge story. The Edge story was so deep and I had all these different emotions to play off of. The Cesaro story had so many legs and different directions we could have taken it and one of my biggest regrets is I didn’t press hard enough to do that. I feel that’s an untapped story. If we ever cross paths again, there is such a great story we could get to. It went one way, it was fine and fun and produced a WrestleMania banger, but we had a lot more we could have done there. The Edge story sort of brought out the best. Edge and I are similar, on-screen and backstage, we have similar mindsets and because I was working with him, someone who is very trusted, I was allowed…my character had already planted seeds in the ground, I was allowed to be a little more off the rails. It just blossomed from there,”

-Seth Rollins.

Rollins’ feud with Edge produced some incredible moments. It was a story that defined 2021 and the Cesaro feud laid the foundations for that. The Swiss Superman even beat Rollins at WrestleMania in a match that featured an awesome UFO spin.

H/T to fightful for the transcription

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