STARDOM Nagoya Big Winter 2023 (December 2) Preview & Predictions

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STARDOM’s final PPV before Dream Queendom is on Saturday, December 2nd in Nagoya with nine matches, including three Championship matches, and a World of Stardom Championship Challenger Certificate Match with the winner facing Maika at Dream Queendom at the end of the year. While the card still misses some top stars of the company, it is on paper one of the better STARDOM shows in the past few months and needs to be the first step in the right direction for the promotion. The show is available on PPV and the link to buy the show will be posted on the English STARDOM Twitter account.

Mina Shirakawa & YUZUKI vs. Miyu Amasaki & HANAKO

YUZUKI will be making her STARDOM PPV debut in the opening match, teaming together with Mina Shirakawa against Miyu Amasaki and her Rookie Classmate HANAKO. It’s the first time the newly debuted Rookie will clash against one of her classmates which creates an interesting dynamic that could kick off a rivalry until the end of both careers. Shirakawa seems to be weird in this match-up as a former Wonder Of Stardom Champion but with Waka injured, and the rest of Club Venus gone, it’s tough for her on the shows to find an exciting role. The Venus will be the difference maker in this match and will help YUZUKI to get her first victory in her career.

Prediction: Mina Shirkawa & YUZUKI

Ruaka vs. Mai Sakurai

A singles match between these two on such a show is surprising, but with Sakurai just losing her singles match to Saya Iida at the recent NEW BLOOD, it seems to be a match to build up her momentum again before the inevitable Wonder Of Stardom Championship match is happening against MIRAI, but when it will be is still in the stars. Ruaka has had a tough year from missing out on the 5STAR to getting kicked out of the Goddess Tag League after originally being announced for it due to various injuries in the roster. This match will be a loss for Ruaka, and a question that should slowly be asked for her is “What’s next?” with everything going wrong for the 19-year-old in 2023.

Prediction: Mai Sakurai

Cosmic Angels (Saori Anou & Yuna Mizumori) vs STARS (Hanan & Saya Iida)

The current New Blood Tag Team Champions Wing*Gori will face off against Yuna Mizumori and Saori Anou, who just vacated her Goddess Of Stardom Championship due to Natsupoi’s injury in an interesting undercard tag match. Anou comes off a 30-minute draw against MIRAI for the Wonder Of Stardom Championship and is on the search for a spot on the card with meltear being injured. The New Blood Tag Champs should win this match by pinning Mizumori.

Prediction: Hanan & Saya Iida

God’s Eye (Ami Sohrei, Syuri & MIRAI) vs Oedo Tai (Momo Watanabe, Starlight Kid & Natsuko Tora)

This match on paper isn’t interesting and will be just a house show tag team match, but with the Wonder Of Stardom Champion being in the match, it has some stakes just four weeks before Dream Queendom. Fans have been wondering, who will step up against MIRAI, and with the stories in play, it seems to be between Ami Sohrei, Mai Sakurai, or one of the three Oedo Tai Members on the opposite side of the match.

Oedo Tai is sending out their top trio with the Leader Natsuko Tora, the former Wonder Of Stardom Champion Momo Watanabe, and the former High-Speed Champion Starlight Kid. All three can have a legitimate claim to challenge if they defeat the White Belt Champion in this match. The possibilities are endless, but with the spot on the card, and last year’s White Belt challenger being determined on a house show, a victory of the God’s Eye team seems likely.

Prediction: Ami Sohrei, Syuri & MIRAI

Mixed Martial Arts UWF Rules:
Nanae Takahashi vs. Scandinavian Hurricane (Aliss Ink)

Once again, the Scandinavian Hurrican is having a UWF Match on PPV, which is a match that can only be won by KO, Submission, referee stoppage, or expending the points of your opponent via takedowns and rope breaks, so perfect for her style. Her opponent this time is the first World Of Stardom Champion Nanae Takahashi, who has never had a UWF Match before in her long career.

Nanae rarely loses a match in STARDOM especially not against someone like Aliss Ink, so she wins this match. A potential tease between her and Syuri for Dream Queendom in a UWF Match seems likely.

Prediction: Nanae Takahashi

High-Speed Championship
Mei Seira (c) vs. Thekla

Thekla is getting her first chance at singles gold in over 1 1/2 years after unsuccessfully challenging AZM at Flashing Champions 2022, where she got injured and had to miss the 5STAR Grand Prix in that year because of it, which stopped & derailed her entire momentum that she has build-up with a great SWA Championship run.

Mei Seira is not only one of the MVPs of a tough year in STARDOM, but also is getting better and better in every match, and is building her way up to be the undisputed Ace of the High-Speed division. Her style is a perfect fit for the Championship, and her matches rarely underdeliver, especially not recently.

There should be no doubt, that Mei Seira is retaining. It will be a hurtful loss for one-third of the Artist Of Stardom Champions, but she will hunt for the Championship more often in 2024 and likely can grab it soon enough.

Prediction: Mei Seira

STRONG Women’s Championship
Giulia (c) vs. AZM

This is the biggest match of the career of AZM’s career, and she wants to win the STRONG Women’s Championship to travel around the world and go to America to meet her former mentors and friends, but the one she needs to defeat is one of the most dominant Wrestlers STARDOM has ever seen in Giulia.

In their 5STAR match, AZM was able to shock Giulia and defeat her in under one minute, and this will be the match story in this match. The former High-Speed Champion trying to get the better of Giulia early in the match, because the longer the match goes, the advantage is on the side of the Champion, who has been in numerous matches with a longer run-time, compared to AZM, who mostly finishes her match around the 10-minute mark.

Giulia has been announced for the January STRONG PPV in San Jose, and she will be there as the STRONG Champion facing off against Trish Adora, so her defending here is what will happen here.

Prediction: Giulia

World Of Stardom Championship Challenger Certificate Match
Suzu Suzuki vs. Hazuki

The status of the World Of Stardom Championship was unknown until last week, with Tam Nakano vacating, the Gold Rush match getting canceled, and the tournament getting announced, that Maika won to earn her ticket to Dream Queendom.

Now, Suzu Suzuki will now defend her World of Stardom Championship certificate, which she earned by winning the 5STAR in October against Hazuki, with the winner facing the Empress on December 29th for the vacant Championship. The “Wild Heart” lost to Suzu in the 5STAR Grand Prix in a great match, and I expect this match to be even better. A motivated Hazuki & Suzu can steal every show, and they will do it on this show as well.

The destination for Dream Queendom should be clear, with Maika being in the match, Suzu Suzuki is going to win this match and punch her ticket to the main event of the Sumo Hall show in a rematch against the Empress, which has been the story of STARDOM in the second half of the year.

Prediction: Suzu Suzuki

Goddess Of Stardom Championship
Divine Kingdom (Maika & Megan Bayne) vs. AphroditE (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani)

The PPV will end with STARDOM crowning new Goddess Of Stardom Champions, with the Tag League winner Maika & Megan Bayne facing off against the returning Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani for the vacant titles, after Saoripoi was forced to relinquish the titles of to the injury of Natsupoi.

The “M” in Maika stands for Main Character, with her & Megan being in this match, and of course, punching her ticket to the Dream Queendom main event for the World Championship. Kamitani & Hayashishita made their return on the Tuesday Korakuen Hall show, and both looked great in their comeback match. They instantly brought back the “feeling” when they made their entrance at the Korakuen show, with their incredible new gear & robes. Both are working together great, and they feel way more ready to be Tag Champions compared to their first Championship run in 2020. It’s long overdue for these two to hold the titles again, and Saturday seems to be the time for it.

Divine Kingdom as a duo only lost one match against Eye Contact due to count-out and walk into this match undefeated, and well that will change here. AphroditE is the odds-on favorite to win this Championship match, especially with Megan Bayne going back to America and Maika already being booked for the Dream Queendom show.

Prediction: Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani

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