Tentative Plans Are Reportedly In Place For CM Punk To Return To AEW

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CM Punk has been absent from All Elite Wrestling since last year’s All Out PPV due to a combination of the injury he sustained during his AEW World Championship bout with Jon Moxley and the suspension he receiving following his involvement in the ‘Brawl Out’ incident shortly after the post-show press conference. Since then, various reports and hints from the man himself have suggested that Punk intends on returning to the company, and it now appears as though tentative plans are in place for his eventual comeback.

Fightful Select are now reporting that the recently announced June 21st episode of Dynamite is set to be an interesting one, noting that as of April 13th, the working plan has been for CM Punk to return to AEW on that date in his hometown.

“Fightful Select had been getting hints after April 12’s report that Punk wanted to come back to AEW, that the wheels were already in motion. We were told shortly before the announcement of Chicago at Wintrust Arena that the June 21 episode of Dynamite would be interesting, and a date to look out for. What we’ve learned since then is as of April 13, the working plan has been for CM Punk to return at that show, or at the very least around it. There were also pitches of announcing it well ahead of time, even around the Warner Upfronts.”


It’s important to note that as of writing, these plans are yet to be set in stone, and thus, due to the tumultuous nature of the situation and the figures involved, plans could change beyond this point.

Since the infamous ‘Brawl Out’ incident, many fans have been fantasy booking a potential feud between CMFTR and The Elite, with Fightful’s report confirming that Punk himself is keen on working with the trio, however they’re yet to hear of any contact between the two sides.

Per the report, the latest update on the situation was that The Elite aren’t keen on working with Punk, and whilst Punk has been pushing for a meeting with the everyone for quite a while according to an AEW source, no progress has been made as far as Fightful have heard. As noted, however, The Elite are currently in the middle of contract negotiations with AEW, and thus, this is likely to be the trio’s priority at this time.

Another prominent figure within the company that Punk has been reported to have heat with multiple times recently is Chris Jericho, although according to the report, the tension between the pair is the process of being worked out, as a meeting has been planned in order for the two former AEW World Champions to discuss the potential for them to work together in the future.

“We’re told that there was also a meeting planned between CM Punk and Chris Jericho, who have had numerous issues in the past, to see if the two working together is a possibility.”


Fightful also provided an update on the impending announcement of prime time Saturday show for AEW, revealing that the concept of the show being designed as a soft roster split of sorts for talent looking to stay seperate from particular situations has gained traction within Warner Bros Discovery as of late.

Talent that spoke to Fightful revealed that they have indeed heard of plans for the supposed prime time Saturday slot, however they were unable to confirm anything regarding the rumoured CM Punk return.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the potential for CM Punk to return to AEW, the prospect of him working with The Elite and Chris Jericho, and the impending announcement of a prime time Saturday show, as soon as we hear more.

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