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Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW) had the biggest show in their existence on Saturday as it was Grand Princess, hailing from Ryogoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan. If you have watched TJPW before, you know the gist of it. Tons of playfulness surrounding it with some comedy, characters with crazy gimmicks, and once in a while you mix in some incredible professional wrestling when they feel like it. Well, Grand Princess was the ultimate show for all that and more as TJPW stayed true to themselves, providing the best show they have had to date.

As part of this Weekly Joshi Guide, it only feels right to point all who read into the direction of what you should be watching from this show. First off is the opening match, as Arisu Endo teamed up with Suzume to take on Moka Miyamoto and rookie Juria Nagano. This was the first time we’d see Nagano in the ring and it taught us in short order that she has all the makings to be a star in this promotion. Her involvement in the match is limited but it is all she needed to display her potential. Watching the battle between ASUKA and Yuki Kamifuku almost seems too obvious if you have any idea who ASUKA is. One of the best wrestlers in the world, they managed to bring Kamifuku to the best match of her career.

It would be wrongful to not include the entrance of NEO Biishiki-gun. No need to explain it… just watch:

In terms of what to check out from the remainder of the show, it might go without saying but check out the final two matches of the evening. Yuka Sakazaki and Mizuki vs. Rika Tatsumi and Miu Watanabe for the Princess Tag Team Championship is the type of match someone would put under the definition of “tag team wrestling.” It was tremendous. Sakazaki was the star of the match as the forearms she was hitting were filled with coldheartedness almost. The way she’d pull off the win for her team with the Springboard 450 Magical Girl Splash put a perfect exclamation on one of the best tag team matches of the year.

Finally, let’s talk about the main event. Miyu Yamashita — the unbeatable champion and the ace — vs. Shoko Nakajima — “The Big Kaiju” and the Achilles heel of Yamashita. It had the “big fight feel” of a main event. Not only did it fit the venue but the importance of this show. As they stared down one another from across the ring, it was almost impossible to not feel how special this moment was for them. Whoever walked out with the Princess of Princess Championship also walked out as the face TJPW needed for the next step in their rise. As we know by now, it was Nakajima who managed to survive a vicious onslaught from Yamashita to walk out as champion. Without a shadow of a doubt, this will go down as one of the best TJPW matches of all time. Watch this match.

All roads now lead to Stardom World Climax. Stardom has been stealing the show for over a year and will have their biggest show to date as they take over Ryogoku Sumo Hall for back-to-back nights. Both nights will be headlined by World of Stardom Championship matches consisting of Syuri, Giulia, and Mayu Iwatani. However, the most exciting part of the event comes with the return of KAIRI. Formerly known as Kairi Sane in WWE and Kairi Hojo in her previous run with Stardom, she will return to professional wrestling for the first time since 2020 and Stardom since 2017. Two matches are scheduled for KAIRI which should have all eyes from around the world ready to witness what she’s got left in the tank.

Make sure to come back next week for all the thoughts and fall out from what should be a special weekend for Stardom and Joshi wrestling.

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