Tony Khan Claims MJF Is One Of The Most Dislikable People In The World, Praises Him As A Great Wrestler

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This past Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite saw the AEW World Champion MJF deliver a sickening promo discussing the time he crashed his car and then put the body of his incapacitated date in the driver’s seat as the police arrived at the scene. The promo only further added to the level of hatred the AEW fan base has for MJF, however, it isn’t just his onscreen antics that have rubbed people the wrong way in the past, as the 26-year-old has also fallen foul of AEW President Tony Khan due to the way he handled his contract situation ahead of Double or Nothing 2022.

Appearing on K&C Masterpiece, Tony Khan had the chance to discuss his relationships with MJF, labelling him one of the most dislikable people there is. Despite that, Khan also highlighted how talented of a performer the current AEW World Champion is, before hyping the upcoming title match between MJF and Bryan Danielson.

“He’s one of the most dislikable people there is. He elicits that emotion for a lot of people. He’s a very challenging personality and very hard to work with, but he’s a great professional wrestler. We saw it last week, that incredible match to kick off Championship Fight Night on Dynamite. MJF is a great wrestler, he showed it out there one-on-one against (Konosuke) Takeshita. It’ll be the ultimate test for a champion, for a pro wrestler, on March 5 at Revolution, in the main event, a 60-minute Iron Man match when MJF goes one-on-one with the greatest technical wrestler in the world, maybe the greatest technical wrestler of all time, ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson. MJF, if you don’t like him, get ready to see him get put through the ultimate test of punishment. We’ll see what kind of wrestler and champion he is. Knowing, as a fan, you’re going to see Bryan Danielson wrestle for 60 minutes, what a treat,”

-Tony Khan

Danielson earned his AEW World Championship opportunity after running a gauntlet of tough opponents hand-picked by MJF, including the likes of Brian Cage, NOAH’s Timothy Thatcher, and most recently RUSH.

MJF is set to appear on tonight’s episode of Dynamite, with Danielson likely to be involved as the pair continue to build towards their match at AEW Revolution.

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