Tony Khan Reveals That He Is Open To Expanding AEW’s PPV Calendar If The Right Offer Came Along

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Since it’s inception in 2019, All Elite Wrestling have upheld four pay-per-views a year, only adding a fifth when the opportunity arose to create Forbidden Door, a collaboration with NJPW, in 2022. Often, the company have created special editions of Dynamite to host big matches and end feuds in the absence of a box office show.

This has been a largely successful model for Tony Khan and AEW as it creates some breathtaking moments which fans get to see free on TV. The company have been on an incredible hot streak of quality weekly shows in recent times and many would be cautious about changing direction due to how popular the current schedule is.

While appearing on The Jon Chuckery Show, Khan was asked whether he had thought of bringing a monthly pay-per-view format to AEW. He was quick to state how today’s model allows his shows to feel special, but didn’t rule out a switch in system if the right offer came along.

“Well, we’ve been able to really make the events keep that super special feel, where there is so much anticipation building up to Revolution, Double or Nothing, Forbidden Door now, and of course, All Out and Full Gear,” said Khan. “I think that with the current model we have, which is a la carte pay-per-view, true pay-per-view like so many of us grew up with, it makes a lot of sense. The price is about $49.99, and if somebody’s going to give us that $49.99, I would like them to feel like they’re getting a show they’ve really looked forward to for a long time and are getting maximum value.
“There are different ways to deliver shows now in the streaming economy, but I think in this current setup, we have a great calendar.

If the delivery method changed or streaming enters the conversation for AEW because an AEW streaming platform is something I get asked about every day; I think for us right now, the way we’re doing pay-per-view makes sense, but if the right offer came along on streaming to expand the calendar, that’s something we have the capacity to do. I would only want to do it if we can make sure that we keep Revolution, Double or Nothing, Forbidden Door, All Out, and Full Gear as premium, top-end events like they are right now.”

-Tony Khan.

An AEW streaming service is something that many fans have been clamouring for. Their fanbase has increased tenfold since in the three years they have existed so many are interested in going back and watching matches from years gone by.

The company’s next pay-per-view is AEW Revolution which will take place on March 5. The event will play host to a sixty minute iron man match in which MJF defends his AEW World Championship against Bryan Danielson.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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