Triple H Back Working Full Time In WWE

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Triple H is back in the WWE Office, and full time too.

Triple H last year suffered with multiple health issues related to his heart, it was a very worrying time with it even coming pretty close to him passing away. Of course due to his health issues, he spent a lot of time away from working in WWE so he could focus on getting back to good health. In recent months we have seen Triple H getting back active with some of his WWE duties. A couple interviews here and there and whatever else.

It is now being reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer that Triple H is now actually back in the WWE offices full time. The report comes after Stephanie McMahon had announced on Twitter that she was taking a leave of absence from her role in WWE:

“Levesque is back in the office full-time now. There is no time frame for her to return but we were told she is returning.”

“the only thing we were told directly is that this was 100 percent her choice, and this has been coming for some time, not something that just happened out of nowhere”

– Dave Meltzer

Meltzer also adds when talking about Triple H and Stephanie that at a recent shareholder meeting, Triple H said that WWE were looking at expanding and opening new Performance Centers:

Paul Levesque was at the company shareholder meeting on 5/19, just hours before Stephanie made her announcement. He said that they were looking at expanding and opening new Performance Centers both domestically and internationally and to expect an announcement soon

– Dave Meltzer

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