Vince McMahon Officially A WWE Employee Again

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Vince McMahon is back on WWE’s books an an employee.

Vince McMahon first returned to WWE after his short lived retirement in January, this was said to be mainly because of WWE being up for sale right now and Vince wanting to be involved and spearhead the sale of his company.

It had been reiterated many times by people in WWE that Vince McMahon is only part of WWE to help with the sale and he would not have any involvement in anything we see on seem creatively. That tone has since changed, but without anybody admitting that Vince McMahon actually has a hand in creative, it has always been said in a way that is like he’s around but not really involved. He has only reportedly been at on WWE show since his return and that was a WWE RAW in Boston, apparently to pay visit to John Cena who was on that show.

According to a recent SEC filing made by WWE, Vince McMahon is officially a WWE employee again after it being previously understood that he was just member of the WWE Board.

It was also noted by WrestleNomic’s Brandon Thurston that this filing explains a filing made last night that stated that Vince McMahon received a stock award with a business value of $4.7million.

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