Vince McMahon Reportedly Pitched To Split Up The New Day Multiple Times

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12-time WWE tag team champions The New Day are undeniably among the company’s most popular and successful acts. The trio are repeatedly among the WWE’s top merch sellers and have had classic on-screen battles with teams such as The Usos and The Street Profits.

It’s fair to say that the group’s popularity was pivotal in securing both Kofi Kingston and Big E’s first respective WWE Championship wins, and it’s hard to imagine the sports entertainment landscape without the energetic trio. However, in a new report from Fightful Select, it has been revealed that Vince McMahon actually made numerous attempts to end the group.

“Fightful has heard from multiple people who have worked on the WWE creative team that also said that it was made clear dating years back that the trio did not want an on-screen fracture. However, we’re told that Vince McMahon himself has pitched the split multiple times.”


In fact, the report goes on to specify some of the occasions that Vince McMahon has tried to separate the much-loved stable, with the boss seeing Big E’s unfortunate neck injury as an opportune time to implement some form of split. The ideas ranged from simply not using the ‘New Day’ name while Woods and Kingston were without their third member to actively pitching that Xavier turn on Kofi following his acclaimed King Of The Ring crowning.

Fans may also remember a time when The New Day were split up during a cycle of the WWE Draft, with Big E heading to Raw while leaving Woods and Kingston to compete in the SmackDown tag team division. During his solo run on the red brand, Big E managed to capture his aforementioned first WWE Championship, but it didn’t take long for the company to reunite the iconic group.

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