William Regal Talks Having Creative Freedom in AEW

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It seems William Regal is loving the creative freedom he has been able to have in AEW so far.

When making his All Elite Wrestling debut at the Revolution Pay-Per-View, Regal was immediately slotted into a storyline. Leading up to the event, Bryan Danielson and a returning Jon Moxley had some tension between them. Danielson was suggesting the idea of the two fighting together but Moxley was uncertain. They decided to duke it out and see where they stood after the fight, but after the bell they continued to brawl. This prompted William Regal to debut and unite the two.

Now branded the ‘Blackpool Combat Club’ the group has become known for it’s violence. A 3rd wrestlers was added to the group in Wheeler Yuta as it looks like they are building a strong team. William Regal recently appeared on ‘Talk Is Jericho’ and discussed his start in AEW.

“When I was asked to come here, it’s like, ‘Can you just give me like a month to get my legs underneath me a little bit?’ You know what I am like, I can’t help my wrestling brain. I don’t feel like it’s up to where it needs to be, but it’s getting there. It’s just figuring it out. I’m in a new company, and there are a lot of things – I’ll be honest about this, I’ve just been in the job that I’ve been in, you come in here and go, ‘What’s everybody gonna think?’ Or, ‘do they think I am going to be a direct hotline back to the old company?’ Which is not my way, and enough people know me to know that. My word is my word, and I’ve come in here and I work here now. I’ve been a different role for whatever the last amount of years on TV. I’ve been out to strictly deliver messages and be a straight act with the general manager thing. I’m just getting used to that. It’s so different. I am fortunate enough that you’re in with these fellas and getting told that is why you’re coming in is one thing. But actually, ‘Oh wow, we’re not giving that away here but I am just watching what’s going on.’ It’s mind-blowing. I am getting giddy over it again. You couldn’t ask for anything better.”

-William Regal.

He moves on to talk about his creative freedom particularly in the fresh on screen role with the BCC. He talks about his reignited excitement for working in the wrestling business again.

“I’ve got the freedom to just be me again and have my little nuances and little twitches and ticks and stuff when I am out there. Or just talking, which I go all over the place with. I have no idea where I am going to go when I go out there, same when I used to work. Basically, although I am not a jazz music fan, I like listening to it live. But I was a jazz wrestler. I just used to go out there and go wherever it went. Now, I’ve got that freedom to do that again, and I can be in there with them and the people around me are the greatest thing I could be involved in, but not overshadow it, not try and take away. It’s fantastic. I hope that’s coming across right.”

-William Regal.

Regal is one of the most beloved wrestling personalities going. Most fans are overjoyed to see the Englishman back in a prominent on screen role and any young wrestlers are likely to benefit hugely from his influence.

H/t to 411mania for the transcription

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