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Welcome to Wrestle Purists’ coverage of RAW on April 4th 2022.

Cody Rhodes In-Ring Promo:

Cody talks about hearing nonsense stories about himself since leaving AEW. He said returning to WWE was an easy decision. Cody points to a picture of Dusty Rhodes with the world title on the Titantron, and gets emotional whilst talking about Dusty being his hero and telling stories about him. He expresses his desire to win the World championship. He says he is going to do it for the fans, himself and the american dream, Dusty Rhodes. Cody was very over here as expected, with the crowd even chanting “you can do it” to him as he expressed his championship goals.

Seth Rollins interrupts by making his entrance. The two men come face to face, Cody offers to shake Seth’s hand and the two men shake hands.

Sasha Banks & Naomi (c) defeated Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan (Womens Tag Team Championship):

Naomi pinned Liv Morgan. After the match, Rhea Ripley walked out on Liv Morgan and left her in the ring alone.

Kevin Owens In-Ring Promo:

Owens says he underestimated Austin. Owens complains that he had a back injury from lifting so many weights, but he knew the WWE universe needed him for a great Wrestlemania main event. He says Austin’s win should be stricken from the records.

Owens is then interrupted by the entrance of “Ezekiel”, which is the former Elias. Owens calls him Elias and asks where the hell he has been. He says that he is not Elias, he is Elias’s younger brother, but Owens isn’t buying it. Ezekiel then takes a verbal shot at Owens about losing to Austin. Owens tells Ezekiel to get out of his ring “or else”, Ezekiel doesn’t leave, so Owens just leaves instead.

The Miz defeated Dominik Mysterio:

Squash. After the match, Veer showed up and attacked Dominik & Rey Mysterio

Bianca Belair In-Ring Promo:

Bianca thanks the fans for believing in her. Bianca then takes off her glasses and reveals as very nasty black eye. She thanks Becky Lynch for making her elevate her game. She then cuts a promo on Lynch and also put herself over for beating her with one eye. Bianca says that the fans deserved better for their champion, so she became better.

Bron Breakker defeated Dolph Ziggler (c) (NXT Championship):

Robert Roode attempted to distract Bron throughout the match, but Bron dealt with him.

MVP & Bobby Lashley In-Ring Promo:

MVP is in the ring and puts over Lashley and how he defeated Omos at Wrestlemania. He then introduces Lashley & Lashley makes his entrance.

Lashley talks about defeating Omos, Omos then interrupts by making his entrance. Omos says he wants a rematch and that Lashley’s win was a fluke. MVP then pushes Lashley into Omos and Omos attacks him. Omos & MVP then beatdown on Lashley. Clearly MVP turning on Lashley and aligning himself with Omos

Backstage With Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley:

The two women make up from earlier and set their sights on the women tag titles

Queen Zelina & Carmella In-Ring Segment:

The two women are preparing in the ring for a match, but before their opponents make an entrance, Queen Zelina grabs a mic. Zelina blames Carmella for them losing the tag titles at Wrestlemania and says that Corey Graves is a fool for wanting to marry her. She then calls Graves a handsome man, causing Carmella to rip the mic out of Zelinas hand. Carmella cuts a quick promo on Zelina and says that she thought Zelina would be one of her bridesmaids, but now she can just be a flower girl. Zelina then attacks Carmella. Carmella retreats onto Corey Graves lap at the commentary desk, but Zelina drags her off and then walks away. Carmella and Graves then full on tongue kiss.

Backstage With The Usos & Austin Theory

The Usos cut a promo putting themselves over whilst taking verbal digs at Theory about losing to Pat McAfee at Wrestlemania. Theory eventually cuts them off and says he is the best investment Vince McMahon ever made and that McMahon never makes mistakes.

The Usos & Austin Theory defeated RKBro & Finn Balor:

Theory pinned Balor.

Edge in-ring promo:

Edge brags about defeating AJ Styles at Wrestlemania. He then introduces Damian Priest.

Damian Priest puts over Edge and says that Edge’s knowledge helped him. Edge says anyone who challenges their message will face judgement. AJ Styles then comes out, and Priest meets him on the ramp but Styles deals with him momentarily. He then gets in the ring to attack Edge but Priest & Edge eventually outnumber him. Edge set AJ Styles up for a con-chair-to but officials come out to stop him

The Street Profits defeated The Alpha Academy (Texas Tornado Tag Match):

Montez Ford pinned Chad Gable after a frog splash through a table.

Roman Reigns In-Ring Promo:

Roman Reigns asks Paul Heyman to explain the bloodlines success, which Heyman then does by listing off their accomplishments. Roman then says what’s good for him is what’s good for WWE and that he is the last remaining needle mover that is operating at God mode. But he is more than all that, he’s a man of his word. He called his shot and he delivered. He says he will have an announcement on Friday. He then tells Dallas, Texas to acknowledge him.

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