WWE Reportedly Talked About Bringing In Malakai Black For Bray Wyatt’s Group

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Details have emerged regarding WWE potentially wanting Malakai Black to join Bray Wyatt’s new group.

When the Eater of Worlds returned to WWE at Extreme Rules, fans were in awe of the way it was produced. Human-sized versions of Wyatt‘s funhouse puppets appeared in the crowd as well as his old Fiend persona. But, fans are now wondering what Wyatt will do in the company going forward. One of the popular theories is that the puppets would represent the end of the funhouse and a transition into Wyatt having a faction around him.

The ‘Wyatt 6’ has been discussed heavily by fans and several wrestlers have teased joining the group. Links can be drawn to a similar cult leader gimmick such as Joe Gacy in NXT while Liv Morgan and Seth Rollins have recently blacked out their social media accounts with no explanation. Interestingly, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that WWE had discussed the idea of getting AEW’s Malakai Black back to be part of the faction.

“Others internally have said some of those are believed to be accurate but said things are up in the air, mentioning others could be part of it, mentioning The Dyad in particular are possible, and other names listed are not sure things. While obviously this won’t happen, there was talk of Aleister Black for this group.”


It’s no secret that there has been some backstage unrest in AEW as of late. Black is one of those who was reportedly looking to get out of the company, though, Tony Khan has recently made it obvious that he’s not interested in granting releases, so it seems that Malakai will remain in AEW for the foreseeable.

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