Randy Orton Believes He’ll Outlast Roman Reigns In WWE

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Over the past few days, WWE have been paying tribute to the legendary career of Randy Orton, with the Viper recently celebrating his 20 year anniversary with the company.

A number of videos have been released by WWE displaying Orton’s greatest moments, with one featuring Orton himself recalling his own top 20 highlights of his career. During this video, Orton reflected on his iconic encounters with the likes of Triple H, Mick Foley, The Rock, and more.

Towards the end of the video, Randy was asked to comment on what he believes his legacy will be. Randy answered that whilst he’s seen many of his contemporaries come and go, he wants to be remembered for sticking with WWE, much like The Undertaker.

Orton also indicated that he has no intention of walking away from WWE any time soon, even jokingly name dropping Roman Reigns as one superstar who he feels will be “in Holywood” before he hangs up his boots.

“A lot of people ask me what my legacy will be. You know, I think you’re talking WWE, more specifically, my legacy will be that I was the next guy after The Undertaker, that was the only person that never went anywhere else and had more matches, more titles, more accolades. I don’t care, Roman Reigns. I’m sure he’s got Dwayne Johnson’s agents number on speed dial. Roman will be in Hollywood. I’ll still be here. I’m in my prime, ladies and gentlemen, I got a long way to go, but my legacy will be that I did it longer than anybody.”

-Randy Orton

Orton will celebrate his 20 year anniversary on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Additionally, as part of RKBro alongside Riddle, Orton is set to compete in a tag-team title unification bout at Wrestlemania Mania Backlash against The Usos, as Roman Reigns looks to increase The Bloodline’s status further.

We look forward to many more years of Randy Orton, with him and Riddle currently serving as two of Raw’s most popular stars.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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